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Wonton Daybed

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Wonton Daybed

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Design Concept

Fed up with social distancing and quarantine, people have never been so eager to socialize with others and spend more quality time with their families. grado captured such post-COVID eagerness and translated it into a nest-like round sofa with generous pillows for even better comforting and soothing experience. This dreamy piece is always prepared to offer senses of safety and bonding. The spacious Wonton Daybed is for one to enjoy petting his/her cat, and also for two loving birds to indulge in cuddliness.

Wonton Daybed is available in 2 sizes and 2 colors (milky white and middle gray), equally elevating the ambiance.

Biophilia Design:
Inspiration from the Nest

COVID has dragged the whole world into a long fear of separation caused by quarantine and social-distancing, which made people deepdown realize their need to collaborate with co-workers, socialize with friends, and spend more quality time with family members.

That was why grado wanted to architect a sofa that brought about cuddliness and intimacy between people. Inspired by nature, the nest was considered to be a perfect embodiment of such a loving atmosphere. This idea was finally translated into a round sofa with several pillows enhancing its enveloping feeling.

Curvilinear Design

The design adopts a curvilinear design inspired from nest, ditching any hard edges and sharp angles. Its backrest and armrest are not only ergonomically comfy, but also giving off safe signals spiritually.

Customized Back Support

The spacious Wonton Daybed accommodating 2 users features four pillows of different sizes: 2 small, 1 medium, and 1 larger. The memory foam-filling pillows help support your back in any position you like. How soft the support should be and where the support should be is your call.

Comfy Seat Height

The seat is 380mm’s height to reduce the possible pressure on its user’s thighs.

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