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The Grado Chair and a Half collection is an interesting mix of plush lounge chairs, sofas, and day beds that give you all the space you need to lay back and relax.  These seats bear a classic spacious silhouette and are generously sized with deep seating. Despite the weird name, chair-and-a-half options are unmatched when it comes to comfort and relaxation.

Our selection is curated to include luxurious, cozy, and durable items perfect for adding grace and functionality to any living space. Whether you intend to create a space for intimate conversations, a quaint reading area, or a basking spot next to your bedroom window, this chair-and-half selection has you covered.

Lounge chairs make the bulk of our set with Grado favorites including the tulip, tangyauan, sushi, mermaid, and puff lounge chairs. On the sofa side, we have the wonton daybed, swell, little devil, and butter sofas. Items from the amazing Zong product line like the zong recliner and zong sofa soft complete our Chair and Half collection.

Our product catalog takes into account diverse design choices to offer you styling variety. Any of these premium seats will blend effortlessly with different room layouts. In addition, since they are larger than the typical lounge chair, you benefit from enhanced comfort regardless of your pick.

Each piece is constructed with ergonomics in mind, with body-contouring elements and upholstery that support prolonged use. The items are also well suited for different relaxation styles. There’s the Kalimba lounge for stretching, the Wonton daybed for curling up, and the Zong recliner to kick back.

The offerings of the Chair and a Half group go beyond style and comfort though. At Grado, we place major emphasis on durability. We want you to enjoy our products for years to come.

These pieces are built around sturdy support frameworks to hold considerable weight. In addition, the upholstery incorporates high-quality materials with wear, scratch, and moisture resistance. Browse our unique and amazing range of Chair and a Half designs for top-of-the-line seating to match your lifestyle and décor presence.



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Zong Recliner - gradoZong Recliner - grado
İndirimli fiyat$1,419.00 USD
$150.00 tasarruf edin
Comfortable Zong Sofa Soft for cozy living room7Comfortable Zong Sofa Soft for cozy living room9
İndirimli fiyat$900.00 USD Normal fiyat$1,050.00 USD
Zong Sofa / Inside Out Seam - 1-Seater - gradoZong Sofa / Inside Out Seam - 1-Seater - grado
İndirimli fiyat$776.00 USD 'den başlayan
Zong Sofa /French Seam  1-Seater - gradoZong Sofa / French Seam - 1-Seater - grado
İndirimli fiyat$776.00 USD 'den başlayan
Wonton Daybed - gradoWonton Daybed - grado
İndirimli fiyat$1,347.00 USD 'den başlayan
accent sofacircle chair
İndirimli fiyat$1,412.00 USD
Little Devil Sofa - gradoLittle Devil Sofa - grado
İndirimli fiyat$910.00 USD
Butter Sofa Soft / 1-Seater - gradoButter Sofa Soft / 1-Seater - grado
İndirimli fiyat$3,502.00 USD
Tulip Lounge Chair - gradoTulip Lounge Chair - grado
İndirimli fiyat$1,120.50 USD 'den başlayan
Tangyuan Lounge Chair - gradoTangyuan Lounge Chair - grado
İndirimli fiyat$1,037.00 USD
Sushi Lounge Chair - gradoSushi Lounge Chair - grado
İndirimli fiyat$1,233.00 USD
Puff Lounge Chair - gradoPuff Lounge Chair - grado
İndirimli fiyat$749.00 USD
Mermaid Lounge Chair - gradoMermaid Lounge Chair - grado
İndirimli fiyat$924.00 USD
Kalimba Lounge Chair - gradoKalimba Lounge Chair - grado
İndirimli fiyat$1,325.00 USD