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Welcome to a Grado sectional sofa collection! Our sectionals, a combination of style and modernity, offer a multi-functional elegant solution for contemporary living areas.

These versatile products give the user a modular design to match their seating needs according to their lifestyle and room size. Be it for a tiny apartment, a large family living room or a pretty snug den, our wide assortment meets diverse requirements.

Sectionals are valued for their versatility,  effortlessly fitting your individual choices and needs. Whether you like chaise lounges, ottomans or arms, we have a modular range of components to let you design your space. You define it as minimal and modern, or if you like a more traditional warm atmosphere our sectionals have a wide range of styles to fit any interior design.

The functionality is extremely important for us in our sectionals. Equipped with big and comfortable chairs and cushions, they are adequate for having conversations, relaxation, or after work taking it easy.

Their L-shaped or U-shaped configurations provide plenty of space for gatherings or family movie nights. Convenience is a key features of our sectionals. By using modular designs, the pieces are easily and effortlessly assembled together and then they can be rearranged in order to meet any changing needs or preferences.

Whether you are hosting extra guests or making the small corner a cozy reading corner, the sections ensure hassle free transition. Besides being pragmatic, our sectionals radiate elegance and class. Sumptuous cushions, sleek lines and premium materials make them stand out in any room.  It doesn't matter whether you want an eye-catching statement piece or a more subtle accent accessory, we have you covered with versatility to allow you to express your true style and personality.

Change your house to a Grado sectional sofa and find the balance between style, comfort and versatility all in one place. With wider choice of models and designs, you are assured to find the perfect sectional that will turn your home into a relaxing and luxury place.


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25 ürün

Butter Sofa Soft, L-Shaped Sectional with Chaise - gradoButter Sofa Soft, L-Shaped Sectional with Chaise - grado
İndirimli fiyat$1,011.00 USD 'den başlayan
Halle Modular Sofa - gradoHalle Modular Sofa - grado
İndirimli fiyat$903.00 USD 'den başlayan
Panini Sofa - gradoPanini Sofa - grado
İndirimli fiyat$5,574.00 USD
Ondo Sofa/ G01B - gradoOndo Sofa/ G01B - grado
İndirimli fiyat$3,531.00 USD 'den başlayan
Ondo Sofa/ G01A - gradoOndo Sofa/ G01A - grado
İndirimli fiyat$3,531.00 USD 'den başlayan
Lava Cake Sofa - gradoLava Cake Sofa - grado
İndirimli fiyat$2,542.00 USD 'den başlayan
Fossa Sofa - gradoFossa Sofa - grado
İndirimli fiyat$2,157.00 USD 'den başlayan
Butter Sofa with Headrests - gradoButter Sofa with Headrests - grado
İndirimli fiyat$1,599.00 USD
Swell Sofa / G01B - gradoSwell Sofa / G01B - grado
İndirimli fiyat$3,230.00 USD
Swell Sofa / G01A - gradoSwell Sofa / G01A - grado
İndirimli fiyat$3,230.00 USD
Swell 3-Seater Sofa in living room setting6Swell 3-Seater Sofa in living room setting5
İndirimli fiyat$2,229.00 USD
Rum Sofa - gradoRum Sofa - grado
İndirimli fiyat$4,842.00 USD 'den başlayan
Pan Flute Sofa/ 3-Seater - gradoPan Flute Sofa/ 3-Seater - grado
İndirimli fiyat$2,924.00 USD
Ondo Sofa/ 4-Seater with Ottoman - gradoOndo Sofa/ 4-Seater with Ottoman - grado
İndirimli fiyat$5,013.00 USD 'den başlayan
Ondo Sofa/ 4-Seater - gradoOndo Sofa/ 4-Seater - grado
İndirimli fiyat$3,918.00 USD 'den başlayan
Modern Design Combination Soft SofaModern Design Combination Soft Sofa
İndirimli fiyat$2,818.50 USD 'den başlayan
Less Sofa - gradoLess Sofa - grado
İndirimli fiyat$1,826.00 USD 'den başlayan
Cocoa Sofa - gradoCocoa Sofa - grado
İndirimli fiyat$3,981.00 USD 'den başlayan
Coco White Sofa - gradoCoco White Sofa - grado
İndirimli fiyat$1,000.00 USD
Butter Sofa, 4 Seater - gradoButter Sofa, 4 Seater - grado
İndirimli fiyat$2,432.00 USD
Butter Sofa, 3 Seater - gradoButter Sofa, 3 Seater - grado
İndirimli fiyat$2,128.00 USD
Butter Sofa Soft / Wide Armrests - 5-Seater - gradoButter Sofa Soft / Wide Armrests - 5-Seater - grado
İndirimli fiyat$6,386.00 USD
Butter Sofa Soft / 5-Seater - gradoButter Sofa Soft / 5-Seater - grado
İndirimli fiyat$3,868.00 USD
Butter Sofa Slipcovered - gradoButter Sofa Slipcovered - grado
İndirimli fiyat$1,824.00 USD'den başlayan Normal fiyat$1,980.00 USD