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The arm-less and back-less ottoman chair is a classic piece of furniture and décor staple with impressive functionality. This versatile furniture item goes beyond its simple appearance, offering plenty of benefits for your living space. Grado provides tastefully selected chairs with ottoman that bring a piece of history, allure, and comfort to your home.

Our picks exude a timeless elegance, blending with different interior design styles effortlessly. Whether your space has a contemporary, classic, or minimalist vibe, there’s an option that will complement your setting. Our impressive ottoman collection includes:

The animal-inspired Hippo, Angry Sheep, and Lamb poufs.

The uniquely designed Ondo ottoman, Fagao pouf, Kalimba poof, and Crescent bench.

You can easily leverage these selections to create statement pieces or subtly spice up a space’s aesthetics. Since our ottoman chairs are lightweight and easily portable, you can experiment with different matchups and arrangements to create your dream layout.

Beyond being stylish accents, Grado ottoman chairs are highly practical. These furniture items can serve as extra seating when your guests outnumber your chairs. You can also use them as surfaces for placing books, décor, or beverages.

Options like the Crescent bench and pouf come with storage spaces to store magazines, mobile devices, and other items discreetly. With the ability to moonlight as storage, you can optimize storage in a cinch. With this ottoman set, you can easily transform a room’s usability and keep living areas organized without compromising on style.

Our ottoman chairs also allow you to elevate your comfort levels with ample padding featuring quality upholstery and high-resilience sponge.  As the perfect leg rests, you can kick back and turn your living areas into oases of relaxation. You can pair the pieces with plush lounge chairs or sofas creating a retreating nook where you can unwind.

Grado invests highly in durability without compromising on style. The same goes for our ottoman chairs. Our pieces are crafted with high-quality materials that will keep your spaces looking pristine for years. Don’t hesitate to check our impressive ottoman chair catalog and order your favorite ones to elevate your interior décor game.


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Hippo Pouf - Fabric - gradoHippo Pouf - grado
İndirimli fiyat$287.00 USD
Angry Sheep Pouf - gradoAngry Sheep Pouf - grado
İndirimli fiyat$222.00 USD
Jelly Pouf-S - gradoJelly Pouf-S - grado
İndirimli fiyat$324.00 USD
Jelly Pouf-M - gradoJelly Pouf-M - grado
İndirimli fiyat$294.00 USD
Jelly Pouf-L - gradoJelly Pouf-L - grado
İndirimli fiyat$415.00 USD
Kalimba pouf - gradoKalimba pouf - grado
İndirimli fiyat$729.00 USD
Lamb Pouf - gradoLamb Pouf - grado
İndirimli fiyat$105.00 USD 'den başlayan
Ondo Sofa/ Ottoman - gradoOndo Sofa/ Ottoman - grado
İndirimli fiyat$1,095.00 USD 'den başlayan
Wonderland Pouf comfortable seating1Wonderland Pouf comfortable seating0
İndirimli fiyat$191.00 USD
Fagao Pouf / φ700*400mm - gradoFagao Pouf / φ700*400mm - grado
İndirimli fiyat$440.00 USD
Fagao Pouf / φ600*400mm - gradoFagao Pouf / φ600*400mm - grado
İndirimli fiyat$383.00 USD
Fagao Pouf / φ1200*400mm - gradoFagao Pouf / φ1200*400mm - grado
İndirimli fiyat$776.00 USD
Fagao Pouf / φ1000*400mm - gradoFagao Pouf / φ1000*400mm - grado
İndirimli fiyat$645.00 USD
Fagao Pouf - gradoFagao Pouf - grado
İndirimli fiyat$344.00 USD 'den başlayan
Crescent Pouf / Birin 6004 - gradoCrescent Pouf - grado
İndirimli fiyat$419.00 USD
Butter Sofa Soft Pouf - gradoButter Sofa Soft Pouf - grado
İndirimli fiyat$702.00 USD 'den başlayan
Crescent Bench / Wales 102 - gradoCrescent Bench - grado
İndirimli fiyat$539.00 USD