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The Moments At Home →

Ondo Sofa

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Design Accolades

Since its establishment,grado has received numerous invitations to international exhibitions.We take pride in our seven consecutive years of participation in the prestigious Milan Exhibition.This recognition is further exemplified by our products winning esteemed international design awards,including the Italian Compasso d'Oro ADI Awards,German Reddot Design Awards,and American IDEA Awards.

Grado In the Customer's Home

John S.

Omelette Lounge Chair

These chairs are really nice. From the arms to the cushions, they are just right. The fabric is nice too! Great deal!

Emily J.

Taco Lounge Chair

This chair is great! Very comfortable, and I really like the sleek look of it. If I had a bigger space, I'd like to have a couple more of these around a coffee table.

Joshua A.

Flowing Trolley

Great product so far! Had it a few weeks and it was easy to build, looks great, seems sturdy, and overall I am very happy with it.

Michael B.

Zong Sofa Soft

Absolutely love this chair. I can fit in it perfectly. Perfect for reading and lounging, watching tv. Love it so much and it looks really cute in this color! Very luxurious

Jennifer D.

9-Layer Sofa Soft

I've had this couch for a month now, and I am very happy with my purchase. It's a great couch for the price. I would recommend it to anyone who needs a starter couch. it's very stylish and clean. I really like it.

Sarah T.


This light shade of gray looks really fancy! It's perfect for the living room during the day, with a side table nearby. At night, it's super comfy for watching movies and relaxing, plus you can easily move it around. Sometimes, you can even use it as a bed, it's seriously so cozy.

James A.

Mermaid Lounge Chair

I had no idea that this chair would be such a great addition to my living room!
I had purchased it for a different room where something small could accommodate the space and allow for seating when needed.
Suddenly everyone uses it to watch TV, eat and spend time near the couch!

Jessica M.

Zong Recliner

Love this chair! I am in a condo, so it is great for small spaces! Material is great ….

Robert T.

Sundae Table

Love the style and how easy it is to put together. Fits well in my small space without being awkwardly small. Could hold a few items comfortably.