Pebble Coffee Table

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color: black

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The smooth and beautiful washed pebbles are irresistible to people, who can't help but pick them up and hold them in their hands like stars. I want to bring this natural beauty and pleasant feeling into my home by incorporating practical furniture that echoes these shapes. This way, people can experience nature in a different, yet equally profound way.


Anthony Ji

“For designers
Expression is a good product in my opinion should rely more on reason.
Simply put: why design?
When designing this series the answer I gave myself was beautiful and practical."

The Rounded Shape Can Reduce The Pain of Bumps

The Pebble Coffee Table features a cohesive design, with matching materials and colors throughout. Its minimalist form is reminiscent of a pristine sculpture, with elegant curves connecting the various parts. This design not only adds to its beauty but also helps prevent any potential bumps or knocks