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Panini Sofa

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Panini Sofa

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Product Story

The Panini Sofa pays homage to the elegance of Midcentury Modern Style by utilizing first-layer cowhide imported from the United States. Its black leather upholstery and solid wood legs of the same color combine to create a modest luxury ambiance, seamlessly fitting into various styles of spaces and functional areas. The sloping backrest, curved armrest and legs imbue the sofa with simplicity yet avoid monotony. Additionally, the cozy down-filled cushion provides effective support for your body. Notably, the sofa features ample space at the bottom allowing for easy access to the robot vacuum.


Sisi Hong

Sisi Hong is an internationally trained industrial designer who graduated with the MID major from the Pratt Institute in New York. She has a passion for unusual and playful ideas, as well as grotesque yet reasonable ones. Sisi cares about tangible products close enough to people’s daily lives and strives to use her expertise as a designer to create better products for a better life.
Her odyssey from a rural area to an urban environment and then to the U.S. has endowed her design with a richer touch and elasticity.

Modern Mid-century Style

The timeless design featuring genuine leather and solid wood is a staple of modern mid-century style sofas, exuding classic elegance and understated luxury.

Panini Sofa - grado

Slim and Curved Armrest

The slim armrests maximize seating space and their gentle curvature provides added comfort when resting your arms.

Entirely Upholstered

The sofa's back is also upholstered in leather, giving it an exquisite look from all angles and serving as a partition between different functional areas.

Mid-high Backrest

The mid-high backrest of the sofa provides solid support for the shoulders and neck, enhancing the overall comfort experience.

Sloping Backrest

The 108°sloping backrest allows you to lie down on your back and stretch out comfortably.

US Original Cowhide

We use original first-layer cowhide imported from the United States, known for its delicate and natural texture, as well as its skin-friendly and breathable properties.

Anti-slip Design

Aside from the anti-slip cloth, the bottom of the cushion is reinforced with touch fasteners to enhance stability, preventing it from sliding forward and tilting.

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