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Manggis Sofa 1-seat

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Manggis Sofa 1-seat

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Design Concept

The designer focuses on combining natural elements with humanistic care to reflect the harmonious coexistence of man and nature.
By observing and imitating the characteristics of the mangosteen fruit, which is hard on the outside and soft on the inside, the sofa is given a natural, beautiful, outwardly expanding backrest and super-soft, ultra-soft cushions.
Unique shape and color matching add a touch of brightness to the home space.

Hard Shell, Soft Core

Lots of curved shapes are full of vintage flavor and details. The overall frame has a tendency to flare outward to make the sitting and reclining feeling have a certain slope, more comfortable.

Generous 25.6'' Width with Deep Seating

Sitting position is free, liberating the tired legs and switching up the body's instinctive consciousness. Read a book/doze off/cross your legs/lie down. All are full of coziness and satisfaction. Medium-high backrest reliable head, full of backpack, so that the head can sink in the sofa's soft sheep, so that both beauty and relaxation.

Multi-Section Support for Perfect Body Contouring

Hip-Leg-Lumbar-Back-Shoulder-Head Multi-Segment Support with good wrapping feeling, fully relax your body. Down package filled by seat surface, cushion bag and pillow. The interior is filled with down and space foam in a 4:6 ratio, soft and supportive.

Fully Detachable and Washable

Fabric Sofa Gospel, a fully removable and washable sofa for hassle-free cleanup. You can also change the fabric cover with the season and your mood to give your sofa new clothes.

Flat Chenille Fabric

Thick velvet surface is very rich, but at the same time have a light touch, velvet surface just the right sense of loose, for the sofa gives a lazy temperament, as long as a sit down, the body unconsciously will be relaxed.

Close-to-Ground Low Profile Design

The overall low center of gravity design of the sofa makes the visual and sitting sensation full and rich. Children can climb easily and have peace of mind.

Modular Design for Easy Entry

The bottom of the alligator joint, do not worry about moving into the house, one person can also easily installed.

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