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Fika lounge chair

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Fika lounge chair

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Design concept

This is a lounge chair that combines a bag, leather straps, metal and solid wood. The bold choice of materials and its distinctive colors provide a balanced aesthetic. The extra-thick cushions filled with down are ideal for enveloping everyone. The contoured high back is designed to support the head and relieve pressure on the shoulders and neck.

Bauhaus Style

The combination structure of metal + upholstery + leather belt + solid wood reproduces the beauty of simplicity and functionality, and creates a stylish and calm sense of class.

Bauhaus Classic High Back Design

Soft cover high backrest + thoughtful undercut. The high backrest protects your head and neck without bumping your head.

Ergonomic design

The front is high and the back is low, with a small tilt, plus the belt automatically adjusts the feint to make the seat more comfortable for the human body, bringing a strong sense of envelopment.

Soft and fluffy filling

The large sitting bag is filled with sea-sheep + down + feather. Lay back and feel deeply enveloped in the comfort you've never experienced before.

Recognized worldwide as the "Golden Down".

The natural Northeastern white goose down is used.

Saddle Leather for Superior Load-Bearing

With approximately two inches of saddle leather, the straps are stretchy and supportive, fitting the contours of the hips and providing a rich sitting experience.

Adjustable belt tension

Adjust the belt buckle position for a more upright sitting or reclining position.

Crossed chenille fabric

Exaggerated cross-cutting chenille yarn and cross-cutting fancy yarns are interwoven into the woven fabric to give it a unique and rugged look. Though the texture is offbeat, the extra-coarse chenille gives the fabric a thick, full-bodied feel.

Solid ash wood handrail

Solid ash wood provides a warm texture, with a high degree of color fastness that allows your elbows to rest naturally, giving you just the right amount of support.

Mirror curved arc challenge craftsmanship

Metal Yuk arc is the most experience of craftsmanship fineness, polishing can not hide defects, and corners are easy to bulge or out of folds, must be carefully polished by hand to challenge the process.

High quality stainless steel frame

High-strength stainless steel steel tube, material firm, the bottom is equipped with universal adjustable feet are not easy to slide, at the same time can solve the inconvenience caused by the ground / carpet unevenness

Detachable frame, easy to clean and take care of

The soft bag is separated from the frame and can be easily disassembled. Convenient for daily patting and cleaning, partial sun drying down.

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