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Aeronauts Sofa

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Aeronauts Sofa

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Aeronauts Sofa - grado

Design Philosophy

The spectacular hot air balloons floating above the Turkish skies inspire designers to seek creativity and beauty in their work.

The subtly expanded forms are sculpted into poetic aesthetics, exuding three-dimensionality that captivates the eye.

Sitting atop them, reclining within them,

Just like a journey in a hot air balloon,

It never fails to keep you intrigued and refreshed.

High and low armrests are reliable and reclinable

High and low armrest design allows for multiple standing postures
The high armrests allow you to lean on your phone while reading, and the low armrests allow you to lie down and rest.

The split design makes it easy to enter the house

The bottom is connected with a crocodile mouth, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to get into your home. It can be installed easily by one person. 

The curved armrests provide a grounded, non-floating sensation.

The plush armrests, filled with a combination of down and high-resilience foam, feature a thoughtful curved and inclined design that offers the body comfortable support.

The height of the curved backrest is up to you.

Different sofa backrest heights are available, making it more interesting and considerate.

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