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Wonderland Pouf

Normaler Preis $191.00

Wonderland Pouf

Normaler Preis $191.00
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Design Concept

Rabbit, Door, Chatting Animals, Tears of Lewis, Carlo - called upon by 3 girls to spin an improbably fantastic tale, when I suddenly recall this fantasy in 2022, all of us appear to be Alice traversing a surreal realm, experiencing wondrous misadventures. The brand-new year has arrived accidentally, so let's join along and witness the amusing peculiarities and surprises. Perhaps what you come across is not a fluttering swallow but something distinct, or maybe no longer a perplexed lizard but rather a story-telling snake. For me, items should not only be attractive but stylish, comprehensible, symbolic, intriguing, unexpected, and narrative rather than merely an adornment in a room, but a novel entity that brings an unexpected and pleasurable touch.

Soft And Elastic

Luxurious and supple, Wonderland Pouf has a heavenly feel and robust heft that speaks of superior craftsmanship. Comfort and quality come together in perfect harmony!

Granular Fleece Fabric

Faux wool material creates softness and comfort You'll love the cozy feel from the irresistibly soft and luxurious faux wool material. Comfort is key, and this pouf delivers.

Invisible Zipper

More beautiful and removable and washable It's an easy way to keep your home looking fresh and beautiful.

Environmentally Friendly Filling

Filled with broken sponge +eps foam particles. This unique pouf is cloud-like and comfortable, providing overstuffed fluffiness that will keep you cozy for hours.