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A chaise lounge takes the form of a long chair with an ample seating area capable of supporting your legs. This unique style traces its roots back to 16th century France. Furniture artisans at the time designed these seats for rich individuals to rest without having to retire to their bedrooms.

Fast forward to the modern era and this seat style has become an incredibly versatile option and a popular décor choice for homeowners. This comprehensive chaise lounge set from Grado features top picks intended for ultimate aesthetics, comfort, and relaxation. The collection boasts some of the best sofas and lounging chairs we have to offer.

With excellently crafted pieces from talented designers like Mia Yu, our chaise lounge options incorporate different styles and materials, resulting in magnificent seating solutions that complement the modern home décor.

Popular sofas in the set include the zong, swell, ondo, butter, and plum modular sofas. If you prefer lounging chairs, there are the mermaid, omelette, nestle, petpal, and Kalimba lounging chairs.

The designs take inspiration from different places including food, nature, and geometry and will satisfy just about any taste and preference. Each furniture item also comes with several color options to choose from. The style versatility in our chaise lounge selection means you’ll have no problems finding a piece that blends easily with your interior design theme.  

The Grado Chaise Lounge collection also caters to versatile seating demands with picks that provide a luxurious seating experience. The pieces have an ergonomic design with sufficient lumbar support and comfortable upholstery. Whether you seek a chaise lounge with or without armrests, all items in the set are built to support extended periods of relaxation.

This is not to mention the premium materials used and skilled craftsmanship, which translates to highly durable furniture that will serve you well for years to come. Grado welcomes you to check out the chaise lounge catalog to find the perfect addition to your home’s interior décor.



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36 Produkte

Square Cake Sofa - gradoSquare Cake Sofa - grado
Angebot$350.00 USD
Spare $302.00
Petpal Lounge Chair - gradoPetpal Lounge Chair - grado
Angebot$1,209.00 USD Regulärer Preis$1,511.00 USD
Nestle Lounge Chair / DrapedNestle Lounge Chair / Draped
Angebot$3,271.00 USD
Guardian Lounge Chair - gradoGuardian Lounge Chair - grado
Angebot$898.00 USD
Bambu Lounge Chair - gradoBambu Lounge Chair - grado
Angebotab $921.00 USD
Wafer Lounge Chair - gradoWafer Lounge Chair - grado
Angebot$1,587.00 USD
Puffy Lounge Chair - gradoPuffy Lounge Chair - grado
Angebot$882.00 USD
Zong Recliner - gradoZong Recliner - grado
Angebot$1,419.00 USD
Spare $150.00
Comfortable Zong Sofa Soft for cozy living room7Comfortable Zong Sofa Soft for cozy living room9
Angebot$900.00 USD Regulärer Preis$1,050.00 USD
Zong Sofa / Inside Out Seam - 1-Seater - gradoZong Sofa / Inside Out Seam - 1-Seater - grado
Zong Sofa /French Seam  1-Seater - gradoZong Sofa / French Seam - 1-Seater - grado
accent sofacircle chair

3 Farben verfügbar

Plum Modular Sofa-1S - gradoPlum Modular Sofa-1S - grado
Angebot$1,079.00 USD
Ondo Sofa Block C - gradoOndo Sofa Block C - grado
Angebotab $1,173.00 USD
Little Devil Sofa - gradoLittle Devil Sofa - grado
Angebot$910.00 USD

3 Farben verfügbar

Floating Clouds Bay Window Chair - gradoFloating Clouds Bay Window Chair - grado
Butter Sofa Soft / 1-Seater - gradoButter Sofa Soft / 1-Seater - grado
Angebot$3,502.00 USD
9-Layer Sofa Thick - grado9-Layer Sofa Thick - grado
Angebotab $1,163.00 USD
9-Layer Sofa Soft - grado9-Layer Sofa Soft - grado
Angebot$1,325.00 USD
9-Layer Sofa - grado9-Layer Sofa - grado
Angebot$1,535.00 USD
Tulip Lounge Chair - gradoTulip Lounge Chair - grado
Angebotab $1,121.00 USD
Tangyuan Lounge Chair - gradoTangyuan Lounge Chair - grado
Angebot$1,037.00 USD
Sushi Lounge Chair - gradoSushi Lounge Chair - grado
Angebot$1,233.00 USD
Puff Lounge Chair - gradoPuff Lounge Chair - grado
Angebot$749.00 USD