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Love seats are distinctive as they are just like couches, but they are smaller and more romantic. They are ideal for cuddling with someone you care about, or for simply winding down and taking care of yourself.

Our love seat sofas are created to ensure the highest level of both comfort and style. From a traditional, classic, and time-tested designs to a more modern and whimsical looks, you can choose the love seat that best fits your preferences. All our love seats have been carefully made with quality materials and attention to details so that they will last for long and be comfortable.

Also, they can be easily adjusted to any place, either if you live in a small apartment or a spacious living room. Sometimes the small things make the biggest difference. Our love seats, with their intimate size and beautiful design are perfect for creating a cozy reading nook, an intimate conversation corner or a stand out design element in any room.

Whether you are a couple seeking romance or a family that needs extra chair or someone who just loves finer things in life, these chairs suit you. And cleaning is super easy; just a quick vacuum and occasional spot cleaning and this love seat will look fresh and comfortable forever.

Our Lasagna Sofa is both functional and stylish, bringing a fresh look to any living room. Through its luxurious cushioning and chic design, it provides both comfort and style. The Skirt Sofa has a refined and undying appeal due to its traditional design and a raised skirted bottom. It comes in different fabrics and colors and also blends well with diverse interior styles from traditional to modern. The Wet Book Sofa is a bright idea which gives your room a bit of stupendousness. Its distinct look resembling a stack of books gives it the identity of a talking point and a center of focus for the area. The Swell Sofa / 2-Seater is all about both modern comfort and style. Its sleek outline and clean lines make it a suitable option for contemporary interiors.

So why wait? Shop for Grado love seat with us today to get your home adorned with comfort, style and grace.


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Brie SofaBrie Sofa
Angebotab $2,949.00 USD
Lord Matt Sofa - gradoLord Matt Sofa - grado
Angebot$2,403.00 USD
Manggis Sofa 1-seat - gradoManggis Sofa 1-seat - grado
Angebot$1,188.00 USD
Manggis SofaManggis Sofa - grado
Angebotab $2,180.00 USD Regulärer Preis$2,422.00 USD
Lasagna Sofa - gradoLasagna Sofa - grado
Angebot$1,533.00 USD
Skirt Sofa - gradoSkirt Sofa - grado
Angebotab $1,425.00 USD
Wet Book Sofa6Wet Book Sofa4
Angebot$2,300.00 USD
Swell Sofa / 2-Seater - gradoSwell Sofa / 2-Seater - grado
Angebot$2,012.00 USD