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Our best chairs help you take necessary breaks, provide places to hold gatherings, and allow you to get close to family and friends, among other benefits. For this reason, Grado presents this stunning seating collection to help you imbue style, comfort, and sophistication to your living spaces. Here you can find top-of-the-range lounge chairs, sofas, poufs, and dining seats.

Honoring excellent design and refined artisanship, our picks are your best bet at elevating your living room, bedroom, and other seating areas in your home. The lounge chairs boast a variety of modern and classic design aspects. You can go with a mermaid, owain, nestle and sushi options.

Regardless of your choice, each piece is constructed with ergonomics and comfort in mind. Whether it’s the armless Petpal lounge chair, the wrapping Bagel lounge chair, or the sunken Nestle Tulip lounge chair, you can easily get lost in the seats for extended periods.

Our sofas are sleek and sophisticated, featuring contoured bodies with ample seating designed for optimal comfort. The square cake, swell, zofa, and ondo sofas can easily blend with other furniture items and different décor styles.

The Grado seating collection also boasts pieces to populate your dining areas including the leaf dining chair and barstool. These generous-sized seats feature a humanized contour design and goose-down filling for comfortable use.   

Completing the set are poufs that are as exquisite as they are practical. These may be the pieces you’ve been looking for to provide extra seating when you have guests around. You can also use them as a comfortable resting place for your feet.  

The Fagao pouf, butter sofa pouf, and crescent bench can fit virtually anywhere and are interesting accentuating pieces, offering limitless styling opportunities. All selected items are made from premium materials that are resistant to wear, scratches, and water damage. Elegant and functional, this comprehensive Grado seating collection offers timeless furniture pieces that readily stand out in just about any setting.


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Square Cake Sofa - gradoSquare Cake Sofa - grado
Angebot$350.00 USD
Spare $302.00
Petpal Lounge Chair - gradoPetpal Lounge Chair - grado
Angebot$1,209.00 USD Regulärer Preis$1,511.00 USD
Fido Stepstool - gradoFido Stepstool - grado
Angebot$204.00 USD
Nestle Lounge Chair / DrapedNestle Lounge Chair / Draped
Angebot$3,271.00 USD
Guardian Lounge Chair - gradoGuardian Lounge Chair - grado
Angebot$898.00 USD
Jelly Pouf-S - gradoJelly Pouf-S - grado
Angebot$324.00 USD
Jelly Pouf-M - gradoJelly Pouf-M - grado
Angebot$294.00 USD
Jelly Pouf-L - gradoJelly Pouf-L - grado
Angebot$415.00 USD
Forest Chair - gradoForest Chair - grado
Angebot$709.50 USD
Spare $150.00
Comfortable Zong Sofa Soft for cozy living room7Comfortable Zong Sofa Soft for cozy living room9
Angebot$900.00 USD Regulärer Preis$1,050.00 USD
Zong Sofa / Inside Out Seam - 1-Seater - gradoZong Sofa / Inside Out Seam - 1-Seater - grado
Zong Sofa /French Seam  1-Seater - gradoZong Sofa / French Seam - 1-Seater - grado
Wonderland Pouf comfortable seating1Wonderland Pouf comfortable seating0
Angebot$191.00 USD
Tulip Lounge Chair - gradoTulip Lounge Chair - grado
Angebotab $1,121.00 USD
Tangyuan Lounge Chair - gradoTangyuan Lounge Chair - grado
Angebot$1,037.00 USD
accent sofacircle chair

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Sushi Lounge Chair - gradoSushi Lounge Chair - grado
Angebot$1,233.00 USD
Puff Lounge Chair - gradoPuff Lounge Chair - grado
Angebot$749.00 USD
Plump Lounge Chair - gradoPlump Lounge Chair - grado
Angebot$662.00 USD
Owain Lounge Chair - gradoOwain Lounge Chair - grado
Angebot$1,169.00 USD
Ondo Sofa Block D - gradoOndo Sofa Block D - grado
Angebotab $1,095.00 USD
Ondo Sofa Block C - gradoOndo Sofa Block C - grado
Angebotab $1,173.00 USD
Omelette Lounge Chair/High Back With Armrests - gradoOmelette Lounge Chair/High Back With Armrests - grado
Omelett-Loungesessel  retro accent chairs-armchair-gradodesign
Angebotab $1,038.00 USD Regulärer Preis$1,180.00 USD