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Spring Field Cushion

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Spring Field Cushion

Normaler Preis $54.00
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Design Concept

Spring Field throw pillows bring the outside displays of springtime into your living space.

Spring Field was inspired from the starry wild-flowers in the woodland. It's hard to retain flourishing flowers in spring, but you can own the picturesque displays by holding a Spring Field throw pillow at home.

Spring Field cushion has optional covers of floral and half floral, half white

Choice of fabrics

The crushed fabric that is as beautiful as the landscape is rivaled by the grainy pure white color.
Stroke this pillow and think of the beauty of spring!
The skin-friendly white grains are like resting on a cloud that you see when you look up.

A View of the Family

The design thought from the beautiful scenery of spring, turned into a pillow in front of the home, one look is a long time to long for.
Caress it is forgetful thoughts, arbitrary placement, it is the eternal spring at home.

Invisible Zipper

The invisible zipper installed inside is almost invisible during normal use. It allows the sheer beauty of the pillow to remain intact and the experience of using it to be enhanced.

Individual Inserts

Open the invisible zipper and instead of popping out padding, you'll see a separate liner that you can change with confidence. Even the need for washing or replacement can be easily satisfied.

Eco-friendly PP cotton

The pillow core is filled with PP cotton (also known as doll cotton), which is fluffy and full, light and soft, with high resilience.
Whether held in the arms or leaning back can be uniform force, not easy to deform.