Rum Sofa

Angebot$4,842.00 USD

size: 84.6''


Rum Sofa

Design Concept

Continuing the minimalist approach of Bauhaus, the fusion of black leather and mirrored stainless steel produces an accident between classic and redesign. The appropriate pull tabs, the naturalness of the pleats and the fullness of the handrail shapes fit each other in a way that is both visually distinctive and empirically satisfying.

Vintage pull buckle craftsmanship full of precision sense

Filled with high resilience foam, with pure handmade pull buckle process. Let the appearance to achieve the feeling of fluffy, sofa appearance appears extraordinarily full.

Mirrored stainless steel legs for a sophisticated vintage look

Suitable height for leaning and reclining. The steel legs are recessed, and the handrail and steel legs appear to be one piece.

Natural lumbar support without pillow

Ergonomically designed, the backrest curves naturally to fit the lumbar curve. Provides soft support for the body and effectively releases pressure, so you won't get tired after sitting for a long time.

Put in the center of the living room is both simple and elegant

Versatile black leather sofa, put in the center of the living room, instant high class feeling. Classic modeling, giving you the sense of belonging and beauty you want.

Full 360 ° leather

Every side looks good, the back is super beautiful, and you can put it on anything.

Imported first layer cowhide leather, high quality feel

Selected from the world's finest first-calf cowhide, the gentle pressing process gives it a soft and supple feel, and the thin, supple texture of the leather radiates an endless charm.

Soft and comfortable, falling into the clouds

A variety of bouncy sponges are precisely proportioned to fill the seat bag, which is comfortable and relaxing without collapsing.

27.6 '' wide sitting depth is suitable for many scenarios. Bringing a sense of coziness and satisfaction.

Full Of Detail Design

Deep pull button design. A vintage but modern visual with an undulating raised effect yet still soft. Presenting a three-dimensional sitting and reclining feeling.

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