Palettenkissen - Klein

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Size: Φ17.3'' H5.9''

Palettenkissen - Klein

Design Concept

The Palette Cushion draws inspiration from the organic shapes and elegant arcs found on an oil painting palette. Its unique hollow design adds infinite interest and warmth to any space. The imitation wool fabric offers a soft and comfortable texture while the filling's layout and shape contribute to a homey feel.

Palette Cushion - Medium - grado

Imitation Wool Texture

The imitation wool has a soft and comfortable texture which is also skin-friendly with exquisite workmanship. Its high-end texture and pure, soft colors make it suitable for various home environments.

Palette Cushion - Large - grado

Special Design

The cushion features a playful round hollow design that adds a touch of convenience and charm. (Don't let its shape fool you; this pillow is anything but boring!)

Warm and Soft Filling 

This pillow is filled with PP cotton, (commonly known as doll cotton). It has a fluffy frame, making it light, soft, and highly resilient. Whether you're holding it in your arms or leaning against it, it evenly distributes weight and maintains its shape without easily getting deformed.

1. It has good elasticity and relatively durable elastic recovery function, and has a longer service life. 2. It has poor water absorption and good ventilation. It can not only avoid mildew inside, but also avoid the shortcomings of being airtight and smelly. 3. It has strong fluffiness and good pressure resistance. 4. It has good washability and is relatively convenient and simple to clean. It also has quick-drying properties and can be dried quickly after being washed.

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