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Ondo Sofa’s leading designer Javier Moreno has collaborated with national and international brands, such as Casa Vigar where he participated as a Creative Consultant and Product Designer partner. Alongside, he develops products for various furniture and product companies including Normann Copenhagen, Softline Furniture (Denmark), Concepta Barcelona, Fantastic, Sanja (Hong Kong), Miniso, and others.

Design Concept

The modular Ondo Sofa represents a revolution in playfulness. The designer aimed to add flexibility, comfort, and playfulness to the home space through the sofa design. Ondo sofa allow multiple combination modes for different occasions, easily switching among chair, loveseat, chaise lounge, and sofa.

Handcrafted Stitching

The meticulous design of the stitching imbues the Ondo Sofa with a graceful sense of relaxation, allowing for a balanced and inviting silhouette. Through expertly crafted lines, both the cushions and armrests are endowed with a rich three-dimensional presence, elevating the sofa's aesthetic appeal to new heights.

Three-Proof Polar Fleece: Large-Grain Comfort and Durability

The surface features irregularly sized, wool-like pellets, providing a unique texture and visually appealing fluffiness. Treated with three-proofing, it's resistant to water, oil, and stains, making it safe for use even in white color.

Spacious 22’’ Wide Seat Depth: Luxurious Comfort Awaits

Versatile Comfort for Every Posture: Whether stretched out horizontally or sitting cross-legged, there's no pressure—simply ease into relaxation and savor the comforts of home living.

Quirky Style, Plush Comfort: Experience the Ultimate Softness

Employing specially formulated shaping foam, our innovative approach ensures a lasting, upright structure that remains consistently full and gracefully rounded, embodying timeless comfort and elegance.

More Fabrics

Cat Scratch Resistant Shark Silicone Leather, Safe and Zero Formaldehyde. With silicone leather wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, cat scratch-resistant, easy to remove stains, hydrolysis-resistant properties. More suitable for pet family.

Smoothly Protected

Every edge is softly curved, providing a protective shield against knocks and bumps, ensuring safety for your family.

Full of Artistic Flair

Full and rounded shapes, with clean and simple contours complemented by natural creases and textures. The playful and distinctive appearance imbues the living room with a unique lively style.