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Fossa Sofa - grado

Design Inspiration

The Fossa Sofa aims to instill a feeling of safety and coziness with its strong outer frame and plush interior cushions. This unique design enables sitters to fully experience the sofa's enveloping comfort. The generously sized seat cushions and pillows are filled with down for ultimate comfort, making it perfect for lounging and indulging in leisurely moments.


We were founded in 2014 with a simple idea:

“A good design can spark one's feelings even at first sight. ”

grado R&D Team keeps on making story-telling designs, fusing humanistic care with our stylish designer furnishings.

Fossa Sofa - grado

Customized Support

Pillows are added for extra support. The best part of it is that the pillows can be re-placed as your position changes and also for decorative use.

Spacious Seat, Comfier Experience

The seat of Fossa Sofa has quite generous length and width for lying down or any other comfortable postures.

Ergonomic Backrest

The backrest of Fossa Sofa features a just correct height that gives one’s back and shoulders superior support. The goose-down-filled cushions bring about utmost softness and cozy support.

Fossa Sofa - grado

Easy and Durable Connector

Fossa Sofa’s connection design makes it easy to move in your place and assemble by yourself.

Removable Cover

The cover is removable and washable, friendly to cleaning.

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