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Dorayaki Coffee Table / Square(27.6in)

Normaler Preis $780.00

Dorayaki Coffee Table / Square(27.6in)

Normaler Preis $780.00
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Design Inspiration

Dorayaki is a Japanese confection consisting of two small patties filled with sweet bean paste. This contemporary-style coffee table set took inspiration from the coloring and form of Dorayaki. Its tabletop resembled the confection’s double-layer feature and the subtle incline on the edge of this dessert.

The table's upper layer is with solid wood veneer for decoration, while the lower layer and legs are with a matt black finish to match.

Dorayaki Coffee Table is now available across four dimensions. More color and dimensional options are coming soon.


Versatile Modular Coffee Table System with Optional Sizes

Optional sizes are offered to serve as coffee table, side table or end table.
These table modules can be combined to make various configurations.

Dorayaki Coffee Table can also serve as end table or side table.


The table top’s upper side is covered by natural oak oil finish and its lower side and base by black sealer to add a touch of abundance to the coloring visually.
Its rounded tabletop edge and curved base surface offer a mild and soft look to the space.

Care and Maintenance

1. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight in case of timber fading out of dryness.
2. Prevent moisture damage from hot, wet weather. Avoid placing the piece near heat or coldness.
3. Place dishes and other heavy objects on wood surfaces carefully as this could cause cracking. Using placemat is recommended.
4. Lift wood furniture when moving. Do not drag, as this could damage your piece.
5. Avoid scratches from your pets.