Dorayaki Couchtisch / Lang - 1200*350mm

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Titel: 35.4’‘ w * 13.8’‘d * 14’‘h


Dorayaki Couchtisch / Lang - 1200*350mm

Dorayaki Coffee Table / Square - 700*700mm - grado

Design Concept

Dorayaki Coffee Table has a series of modern-style coffee tables in different sizes and heights. Its table top has a double-layer structure with subtle curvature on the edges. The appearance of the upper and lower layers sandwiched together is the origin of the name of the Dorayaki coffee table.

Dorayaki Coffee Table / Long - 1200*350mm - grado

Flexible and Versatile

The utilization of the oak texture in a piece of furniture yields a tranquil atmosphere, making it a versatile and well-suited choice for a variety of applications. This includes serving as a single coffee table, combination coffee table, sofa side table, or Japanese tea table.

Dorayaki Coffee Table / Long - 900*350mm - grado

Sleek and Meticulously Polished

Anti-collision arc design, every corner has been repeatedly polishedForming a soft and rounded arc without sharp corners not only beautiful but also safe for you and your family Its unparalleled craftsmanship seamlessly blends functionality and aesthetics for a timeless, chic piece that you and your family can enjoy safely and securely.

3D Wooden Legs

The 3D design has several legs, the space is not monotonous, and the mechanical structure is used
High porous structure, no shaking or deformation

Dorayaki Coffee Table / Square - 700*700mm - grado

Black Offers Versatile, Neutral Charm.

The sleek black design not only enhances the home's sense of style, but also creates a visually elongating effect thanks to its consistent color. Its simplicity rivals that of an elegant sculpture.

Dorayaki Coffee Table / Long - 900*350mm - grado

Daily Maintenance

Furniture needs the care you mentioned

  • Precautions:
  • 1. Avoid direct exposure to high temperatures. Overexposure will dry out the wood and cause it to lose color.
  • 2. Avoid too dry/humid environment (humidity 45~75% is appropriate), usually the wood is regulated
    The ability to absorb moisture in space, but extreme environments will destroy the material itself
  • 3. Avoid dragging furniture. Forcibly dragging may cause the wooden components to crack, but they can be lifted and moved.
  • 4. Avoid contact with extremely hard/hot objects, and use placemats to protect the surface to avoid bumps.
  • 5. Please trim your pet’s nails regularly to reduce scratches from sharp objects.

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