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Ding Lounge Chair

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Ding Lounge Chair

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Ding Lounge Chair - grado

Design Concept

The design of the Ding leisure chair is inspired by the Chinese bronze vessel: the Ding. Ding is a Chinese bronze vessel
The representative of culture is the witness of Chinese civilization and the carrier of Chinese culture.
The designer extracted its thick and solid shape characteristics and incorporated it into the design of the leisure chair. China
The collision of traditional culture and modern design language produces a wonderful chemical reaction.

Relax With No Fatigue

The secret to sitting comfortably and not getting tired after sitting for long periods of time
58cm(22 in) seat depth, the seat cushion is filled with high-density and high-resilience sponge with a precise ratio.
Make people sit down and not want to get up.

High-quality Materials

Precise proportion of various sponges for backrest and seat bags
Filled with high-quality East Asian sponge, a variety of high-density and high-rebound sponge filling ratios
Full and thick, not easy to collapse after sitting for a long time

Rolling Rope Trim Design

Subtle 2cm rounded lines and thick rolled rope trim lend the Ding Lounge Chair a rustic charm, without making it overly bulky or cumbersome.

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