Christmas Tree Pillow

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Size: 22.8''Wx 18.5‘’Dx 5.3’‘H

color: Color-102

Christmas Tree Pillow

Design Concept

This is a Christmas tree pillowIt's like going back to Christmas when you were a kid. You must hug the sparkling Christmas tree. This time you can hug and touch it as you like. The evergreen design comes with an inviting and enchanting feel – bringing the holiday spirit to any space with a cozy hug. Enjoy the nostalgic feeling of Christmas all year round.

Christmas Tree Pillow - grado

Sparkling Christmas Tree

A Christmas tree pillow will hug her as if she was a child during Christmas. The soft, comforting feel of the Christmas Tree Pillow will bring back fond memories and remind her of the warmth of the holiday season.

Warm Companionship

The size is very suitable for holding in your arms, and you can watch movies or read books with it, giving you a sense of security and warmth. Feel the embrace of comfort and security with its plush design, perfect for cozy movie nights or quiet moments with your book.

Stereo Relief

Strong support can be used as a waist pillow. Filled with pearl cotton, it is full in shape and supportive at the same time. This Christmas Tree Pillow provides the perfect combination of comfort and support! The pearl cotton filling ensures that it won't lose its shape and provides an irresistibly cozy experience.

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