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Butterfly Bed

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Butterfly Bed

Normaler Preis $1,776.00
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Design Inspiration

What can butterfly wings do? Complete a garden, cause a hurricane 3000 miles away, and bring you to the dreamland. grado Butterfly Bed presents an undulate headboard flying you on a journey before your sleep and backing you on possible postures. The fully upholstered bed appears with fluffy contour, giving soft and soothing visuals. Butterfly Bed is available in three sizes. For more information, please contact us.


Mia Yu graduated form Zhejiang A&F University as an Interior and Furniture Design major.
Since joining in grado in 2018,she has participated in the development of many products.
Mia proposes that design is to build an ideal relationship between human and objects.

Butterfly Bed

When a butterfly alights upon the bed, it draws forth a sense of beauty from its delicate wings. The graceful curves undulate in tranquil beauty, evoking a sculptural quality that is truly captivating.

High-resilience Foam

With a backrest thickness of up to 5.9 inches, it has been optimized for comfort through ratio testing,
Quality assurance from high-resilience foam sourced from East Asia.

Three-proof Lambskin Fabric

Large-grain, three-proof lambskin fabric,
Featuring irregular, wool-like pellets on its surface,
Boasting a unique tactile sensation and a visually appealing plush texture.
Treated for water resistance, oil resistance, and stain resistance, making it safe to use even in white.

Stable and Durable

6+3 system for enhanced bed frame stability,
Invisible 6 legs and 3 longitudinal support bars, ensuring a solid and reinforced bed frame.

Sweeping Robot Free Access

5.9 inches high leg design, the sweeping robot can clean without any trouble