Butter Sofa Soft Pouf

Angebot$702.00 USD

Size: 50’‘w x 28.3’d x 15.7‘’h
50’‘w x 38.5‘’d x 26.7‘’h

Größe: B1270 T720 H400


Butter Sofa Soft Pouf

Butter Sofa Soft / 5-Seater - grado

Design Concept

The Butter Sofa series is inspired by cut butter. The overall shape is like butter, with neat horizontal and vertical lines cut out as needed, creating a clean and wide three-dimensional vision, and meeting the needs of various spaces with the simplest styling language. In 2022, grado's butter series will be fully upgraded: the new single seat can be used as a fireplace sofa, suitable for the living room or business negotiation area; the new footrest and seat post can also be used as coffee tables and sun beds; the newly upgraded butter module The sofa system meets the need for more space. Whether it is a small apartment, studio, or a large villa or business hall, the butter sofa series is a versatile furniture solution.

Butter Sofa Soft / 5-Seater - grado

Skin-feeling Soft Silicone Leather Fabric

Baby-grade environmentally friendly surface material, wear-resistant, wrinkle-resistant and cat-scratch resistant, skin-friendly and antibacterial, and adopts TB-117 fire protection standard

Multiple Size Options

This pouf pairs perfectly with any matching fabric footrests, making it a versatile and essential addition to your space. Available in two sizes, it adds a touch of sophistication and convenience to your room.

When you are tired, just lie down, use it as a sofa, or take a short rest.

Soft Coffee Table

It can be a soft coffee table in your home, fully soft-wrapped, down-filled, soft to the touch
You can walk barefoot at home without fear of bumps, suitable for families with babies.

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