Buttersofa, 4-Sitzer

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Buttersofa, 4-Sitzer

Butter Sofa, 4 Seater - grado

Design Concept

The Butter series sofa is the expression of modern commercial sofa design Sometimes simple comfort only needs to be expressed with simple styling language. Butter series products are presented with simple but sincere stitching and piping. We have continuously expanded this series of products, from single sofas to wide armrest sofas to modules. Sofa, adapting to multiple scenes with simple lines.

American Selected Nappa Leather

Selecting the finest first-layer yellow cowhide, it is natural and environmentally friendly, retaining the natural texture and original skin texture to the greatest extent. Compared with ordinary cowhide, the touch is more delicate and silky, showing a delicate and advanced texture from details to space.

Butter Sofa, 4 Seater - grado

Widen Armrest Design

The width of the armrest reaches 37cm, so you can lean on it comfortably, place a book, or watch a movie on your tablet. Sit back and relax with the extra-wide armrest, the perfect spot to rest your arm, rest your cup of tea or place your favorite book while you cozy up with a film.

Butter Sofa, 4 Seater - grado

Free Leather Pillow

It comes with 2 pillows and 1 lumbar pillow. If you want to sit more comfortably, read a book, or chat with family and friends, these pillows are your very best partners. Indulge in ultimate comfort with the included pillows - an essential element to fully relish the art of lounging. Whether you're unwinding with a novel or catching up with loved ones, you'll always have superior support with the cushioning they offer.

Butter Sofa - grado

Low Center of Gravity Design

The overall low center of gravity design of the sofa makes the vision and sitting feel full and substantial. Children can easily climb on it and feel safe and secure. With its carefully crafted design, the sofa offers both a refined aesthetic and a comfortable seating experience. Little ones can safely climb on and off, giving parents peace of mind.

Worry-Free Entry

The armrests on both sides can be easily removed for easy transportation and easy entry into the home. Gone are the days of lugging unwieldy furniture through doorways. Boasting removable armrests, this sofa offers a luxe and effortless way to bring beauty into your living room.

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