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9-lagiges Sofa, dick, modular

SKU: 9LAY-SF-Thick-Modular-A
Normaler Preis $1,710.00

9-lagiges Sofa, dick, modular

SKU: 9LAY-SF-Thick-Modular-A
Normaler Preis $1,710.00
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Design Concept

9-layer Sofa is a brand-new attempt on energizing the home space through offering more combinations. In ancient Chinese culture, “nine” implied the countless possibilities. The sofa’s name is telling its multiple ways of use to elevate your living space.

modular sectional sofa -gradodesign
9-Layer Sofa Thick Modular - gradodesign

360° Seating Flexibility

Enjoy the freedom to adjust the pillow direction based on your sitting posture. Added non-slip pads ensure stability, preventing any unwanted sliding.

Expansive Seating Comfort

Our generous 47.2-inch seating area invites you to relax in style, effortlessly transitioning between sitting and lounging. The remarkable depth of our seating area guarantees unparalleled comfort and flexibility, offering a luxurious and indulgent space for your relaxation and ultimate comfort.

9-Layer Sofa Thick Modular - grado
9-Layer Sofa Thick Modular - grado

Indulge in the Pleasure of Solitude at Home

Whether you prefer sitting upright, lounging sideways, or lying down, our 9-Layer Sofa Thick Modular offers versatile backrest support for reading, conversations, or movie nights. Enjoy the luxury of comfort in every position, and let the ergonomic design cater to your body's every need. It's your perfect companion for rest and relaxation, designed to pamper your senses.

Wool Texture Fabric

Sumptuously soft wool, luxuriantly layered for a supremely skin-friendly and breathable experience, caressing skin with a feather-soft touch. Tested to withstand up to 40,000 cycles, guaranteeing an enduringly pristine condition even with everyday use - this sofa promises 10 years of comfort without a hint of pilling.(Wales 101/Wales 170)

Fluffy and Sturdy

Indulge in the plush comfort of a 9-Layer Sofa Thick. Its cushion provides strong support while conforming to your body contours for an exquisite sitting experience. The sponge is highly resilient, to quickly disperse pressure, and the cover is made of fluffy material, remaining shapely despite long hours of sitting. Recline in effortless luxury and comfort.

Giant Down Pillow With Widened

The 6:4 composite filling of white goose down and space cotton ensures a softer and more comfortable feel for the sofa. The pillows can be adjusted and placed at will to fully fit the back, making it not tiring after long periods of sitting. The independent backrest weight can remain motionless for an adult weighing 200 pounds.

Diverse Styling Possibilities

Whether you arrange it in your living room, it effortlessly complements any setting, offering endless combinations and a timeless aesthetic. Unlock limitless design opportunities with this versatile furniture piece.(Wales 101)

Various Scene Combinations

It looks good no matter how it is matched in the living room, and can be combined in any way It's a versatile piece of furniture that ensures a beautiful and timeless aesthetic to any living space. Create a unique look with endless possibilities.(Wales 170)