9-lagiges Sofa Soft

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Size: 41.7’‘ w x 41.7‘’d x 31.4‘’h

9-lagiges Sofa Soft

9-layer Sofa is a brand-new attempt to energize the home space by offering more combinations. In ancient Chinese culture, “nine” implied countless possibilities. The sofa’s name is telling its multiple ways of use to elevate your living space.

grado has added new versions to the 9-layer Sofa Series, including extra-height single seating, extra-height 3 seating, extra-height modular system, and daybed. Our newly arriving Dorayaki Coffee Table is a perfect fit for this series. grado has been working on providing all-match solutions considering various spatial needs.

 Design inspiration

The nine-layer cake sofa breaks the inherent sofa arrangement in the living room
It is grado’s new attempt at living room space.
Based on the original nine-layer cake sofa, Mianmian Nine-Layer Cake introduces new technology to create a skirt-like pleated effect, making the temperament more feminine.

Separate backrest, adjust the comfortable angle by yourself

The direction of the pillow can be adjusted according to the sitting posture, providing stable support and making it difficult to move. A non-slip pad is added to the bottom and can be used alone on carpets and bay windows.

Giant down pillow

Composite filling of white goose feathers and doll cotton 4.6, ultra-light and ultra-soft Disadvantages: Easy to fall into the softness and be reluctant to get up

Skin-feeling suede three-proof high performance

The suede surface is skin-friendly and breathable and feels comfortable and soft. It is a new fabric developed through artificial technology. The cloth surface is wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, has high waterproof, oil-proof and anti-fouling properties. It has passed the California TB-117 fire protection standard.

Tableware wear and scratch resistance test

No obvious traces will be left, intact as before

Liquid protection testing.

After being wetted with water, it will form a ball. Wipe it dry with a soft cloth.

Frameless Software Design Is Safe And Collision-free

There is no hard frame in the seat cushion. The large piece of high-quality East Asian sponge is comfortable and has strong support. It is hoped that it will not cause any bumps and injuries, so there is no need to worry about children bumping into them.

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