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9-lagiges Tagesbett

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Layer-Daybed-by gradodesign

Design Inspiration

The "Nine-Layer Cake Sofa" is a designer's innovative exploration of living room space. Within the traditional arrangement of living room sofas, it introduces more versatile ways of utilization, resonating with the profound significance of the number "nine" in Chinese culture, symbolizing the utmost possibilities.

This captivating sofa is meticulously crafted with a focus on enduring quality. It brings nine layers of space-saving versatility to your living room, allowing you to explore an infinite range of creative configurations. It goes beyond being merely a piece of furniture; it is a statement decor that combines functionality and artistic expression, offering a unique and engaging spatial experience for your living room.

Detachable Pillow

Individual cushions are adjustable to fit your seating posture, providing a secure and dependable hold. The bed is equipped with a skid-proof mattress pad at its base, allowing it to be placed essentially anywhere: soft carpets, bay windows, or more.

Extra Large Seat Depth

With its 106cm extra large seating depth, this daybed provides ample space for use; allowing you to effortlessly transition between sitting and reclining. Delight in its versatility, and enjoy indulging in a good book, engaging in a pleasant conversation, or simply relishing in a calming movie with ease and comfort as you lean against the supportive backrest and rest your arms naturally.

Crafted with 15cm of custom frosted metal, the nine-layer cake sofa is delicately sculpted, free from bulkiness, and boasting a visual lightness. Boasting a solid metal material, the sweeping robot can easily enter and exit with complete reassurance.

Hand-pulled Design

The hand-pulled design makes the shape richer and reflects the pursuit of quality in every stitch. This piece is artisan-crafted, completed with meticulous attention to detail, and luxurious hand-pulled stitching. It's a stunning reflection of your impeccable taste and dedication to quality.

Skin-friendly Fabric

Three-proof technical cloth VS Chenille grainy fabric
Two fabrics, each with different characteristics.

*Warm reminder: Because technical cloth will undergo repeated friction, washing and other wear during use,
It is normal for the three-proof function to be weakened. Generally, the three-proof effect will be good within half a year to one year.
Hope to know.