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Best Sofas for Small Spaces - grado

One thing about small living spaces is that they are significantly limited in furnishing ideas. You want to avoid the disappointment of saving enough money to get a sofa for your space only to fail to fit into that area. And so, most of us may choose to settle with the few essentials that can fit and call it a day. But it isn't over yet. There are times you just feel like your home is not living to its maximum potential in terms of comfort and aesthetics.

That's what happens when you miss out on Sofas. Of course, you may want to blame it on your small living space, but what if I told you there are sofas from Grado that can fit into these areas?  Below, we list five, and each sofa offers a unique combination of functionality, comfort, and design, making them ideal for compact living areas.


Swell Sofa / 1-Seater

The Grado Swell Sofa is an option, for spaces thanks to its versatility and compact design. Perfect for corners in your living room this sofa offers both style and comfort. With a pine frame P2 plywood and zigzag springs it ensures durability and support. The use of high resilience foam and plush upholstery adds to its coziness.

It’s made of Pine Frame, P2 Plywood, Zigzag Sinuous Springs and High Resilience Foam. Coming on dimensions its width is at 39.7'' a depth of 35.4'' height of 30.3'' and a seating height of 16.5'' with a depth of 24.4'. Overall, it weighs 68.3 lbs.

Wonton Daybed

If you're looking for furniture that can serve purposes effectively the Wonton Daybed is an excellent choice. This stylish daybed functions as both a sofa and a bed making it perfect for spaces that may have overnight visitors or guests who spend long hours during the day. Equipped with high resilience foam, EPS beads and comfortable upholstery ensures a sitting or sleeping experience.

The Sofa is made of HR Foam, EPS Beads and Upholstery. It measures 31.1 inches wide 38.5 inches deep and 26.3 inches high with a seat height of 12.9 inches and weighs 13.8 pounds. It can comfortably seat one person. Now the best part, should the product have any defect, or you simply do not like it you have a 30-day window to return it, free of any hassles. Should you retain it, you still will have a 10-year warranty period.


The Little Devil 

Don’t mind the name, just keep an eye out for the cozy corners that boast a touch of elegance. Its sleek design and contemporary vibe make it a perfect fit for living room arrangements making it a stylish addition to up-to-date homes.

Crafted with materials, resilient foam, and plush upholstery this couch ensures comfort for anyone lounging on it. Its compact size makes it an excellent choice for spaces.

On the make, it has sturdy upholstery, resilient foam, and EPS Beads. The dimensions are 31.1''w x 38.5''d x 26.3''h with the seat height at 12.9'', weight at 13.8lbs and a seating capacity of just one person.  The best part is that you get it with a 10-year warranty. Plus, you get to enjoy hassle-free returns within 30 days.


9-Layer Sofa Soft

For those seeking both comfort and elegance in their seating options the Soft Sofa with Nine Layers is a pick. With its nine layers of cushioning and soft upholstery this sofa offers a sitting experience. The P2 plywood construction, pine wood frame and high resilience foam ensure durability and stability while adding to its design appeal— for snug living spaces due, to its compact size.

It’s made of P2 plywood, pine wood frame, high Resilience foam and goose down design with polyester stuffing material. The size is at 41.7 inches wide, 41.7 inches long 31.4 inches high and the seat height is at 14.5 inches. The shipping and warranties are like of the little devil above.


9-Layer Sofa

This seat is made of high resilience foam, and its size is 41.7''w x 41.7''d x 27.5''h and its seating height is 13.7''. The new '9-layer sofa' is a game changer, in living room design drawing inspiration from numerology.

It boasts a blend of white goose and doll cotton filling ensuring exceptional comfort. The adjustable pillows provide lasting support while the skin friendly towel terry cloth covering adds durability without sacrificing comfort.

This sofa meets fire safety standards for furniture making it suitable, for homes and offices. Its lightweight yet impact resistant construction using high quality East Asia sponge materials ensures that it maintains its shape over time. With a mix of modern elements, this sofa offers the best of both worlds.


Wrap Up

So now, as you can see, you are out of excuses. Your small space can be comfortable, aesthetic, and inviting should you choose to go with any of the above five sofas. Good luck shopping!


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