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Tulip Lounge Chair

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Tulip Lounge Chair

Regular price $1,120.50
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Design Concept

The Tulip Lounge Chair is inspired by the elegant arcs of tulip petals, refining the elegant arcs and wrapping feel of the petals, allowing people to be warmly wrapped in the softness of nature; The internal curvature and softness are adjusted through ergonomics to achieve the most comfortable sitting feeling; the rounded design elements and the wrapping-feeling enclosure design give people a sense of security at home.


Mia Yu graduated from Zhejiang A&F University as an Interior and Furniture Design major. Since joining grado in 2018, she has participated in the development of many products. Mia proposes that design is to build an ideal relationship between humans and objects.

Combining Bionics and Ergonomics

The refinement of tulip shape brings you the softness of inheritance The internal curvature is adjusted through ergonomics to achieve a comfortable sitting feeling.

All-round Down Package

Crafted for ultimate comfort, the cushions, armrests, and backrests of the Tulip Lounge Chair are thoughtfully filled with a blend of doll cotton and natural down, in a perfect ratio of 6:4. This results in a soft and resilient experience, ensuring utmost relaxation for the user.

Sink Deeply into Comfort

Composite filling floor seat bag brings a waterfall-like sitting feeling and a soft and light touch. But it has a wonderful and indescribable sense of support, bringing long-term support.

Soft and Full Armrest Design

The round and full armrest design is thick and stylish, with moderate softness and hardness. Relax the pressure on your arms to form a soft enveloping circle, giving you a comfortable wrapping feeling

Anti-kick Design

The suspended height of 10.6'' allows for easy access for the sweeping robot, eliminating any concerns about leaving footprints on the fabric.

Easy to Clean Lounge Chair Couch

Are you still worried that your children will dirty the chair? Not only does theTulip Lounge Chair look good, but it is also very easy to clean. You no longer have to worry about cleaning the chair.

No fear of 360° Display

The 360° display on the Tulip Lounge Chair does not disappoint, and the back of the chair is also constructed with the same durable material, creating a seamless and cohesive design.