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  • hippo pouf ottoman - gradodesign

    Hippo Pouf Ottoman: The Ultimate Sustainable Home Décor Choice

    Hippo Pouf Ottoman: The Ultimate Sustainable Home Décor Choice   When you arrive home, you may be surprised by a floor pouf. Just like a chubby hippopotamus emerges from the floor, its body covered...

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  • Introducing Dash Barstool

    Introducing Dash Barstool

    Dash Barstool Designed by grado Design Born to be simple with excellent compatibility. Based on the design concept of Enjoy Work and Enjoy Life, Dash Barstool features minimalist yet artistic...

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  • Introducing Bunny Chair

    Introducing Bunny Chair

    Bunny Chair Designed by grado design Bunny Chair boasts inherent elegance. Within two years since its release, Bunny Chair has won three international awards, namely A’design, Good Design and ICONIC....

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  • Introducing Queen Chair Series

    Introducing Queen Chair Series

    Queen Chair is inspired by the folding collar of the Royal Queen’s dress of the Tang Dynasty. The ergonomic folded edge of the rubber shell backrest fits the back curves...

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  • Introducing Every Chair Series

    Introducing Every Chair Series

    Every Chair Series Designed by Alex Chai   After continuous trial and upgrade, Every Chair is increasingly modern in both design and manufacturing. While the minimalist lines of the chair...

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