The Ergonomic Design for Functionality

grado’s Owain Series: Bauhaus Style Reinvented


The Owain series is a collection of Bauhaus-style furniture pieces launched by grado furniture, following our successful Omelette series. In addition to the Owain Lounge Chair, we introduced the Owain Rocking Chair and Owain Ottoman, providing customers with more options while maintaining a simple and modern design aesthetic. In this collection, we expertly combine the Bauhaus design style with a contemporary touch. Meanwhile, we employ low-saturation warm-colored finishes to create a harmonious and playful atmosphere in any space. Additionally, the rationalist approach is highlighted through a mirror-polished stainless steel frame. The Owain series acts as a strong and reliable support, akin to a steadfast knight, enhancing your comfort and becoming an indispensable part of your home life.



Rocking Motion: Symbol of Joy and Relaxation

Nature itself embodies a sense of stillness and perpetual motion, and humans are no exception. Consider the comforting act of a mother gently rocking her crying baby in her arms, or the soothing motion of a cradle lulling a baby to sleep. As children grow, they create swings and joyfully soar higher and higher with the help of their playmates. In the quiet night, one might observe their grandma sitting in a rocking chair, softly rocking back and forth, knitting a sweater while simply listening to the sounds of the TV. Such rocking motions represent a natural expression of extreme comfort and relaxation. It symbolizes the ebb and flow of the life, the gentle breeze of emotion, and the joy of living. Drawing inspiration from this instinctive motion, grado has crafted the Owain Rocking Chair. The intention behind this design is to evoke cherished childhood memories, reignite feelings of warmth, safety, and joy, and provide a release from stressful daily life, promoting both physical and mental relaxation.


Ultimate Comfort: The Ergonomic Design for Functionality

grado designers remain faithful to the Bauhaus style and adhere to the principle of “form follows function.” To ensure the utmost comfort of chairs, we have carefully examined and made numerous adjustments to the design. Through extensive testing, the seat and back angles of the Owain modern chairs have been set at 103 degrees, providing optimal support and cushioning for the head, neck, shoulders, back, waist, hips, and legs. This ensures that customers can sit for extended periods without feeling tired. Also, the headrest is exclusively filled with down, offering a luxurious and plush experience. With a 75cm high backrest, the lounge chair and rocking chair effectively protect the cervical spine and alleviate neck discomfort, making them suitable for individuals who spend long hours working at desks.


The overall frame exhibits a slight backward inclination, allowing users to lean back freely and reducing pressure on the waist like a chaise lounge chair. The chairs have a seating depth of 53cm, with a front-to-back slope for added comfort while sitting. Taking hand support into consideration, the designer has added curved armrests made from the same fabric as the seat to the stainless steel armrests. This provides ample support to the arms, preventing direct contact with the cold stainless steel frame. Furthermore, we have also considered foot placement and added Owain Ottoman as a foot stool. They believe that chairs should not only offer seating comfort, but also deliver full-body relaxation and contribute to a serene ambiance.




Mirror-Finished Brilliance: Stunning Stainless Steel Frame


grado boldly incorporates mirror-polished stainless steel as the frame for their chairs. The shiny and smooth surface reflects the progress and innovation of human industry, creating a modern and elegant look. The mirror-polished stainless steel creates a striking contrast with fabric or leather finishes, yet harmoniously blends with each other. The reflective quality of this material adds visual interest, making the chair stand out amidst other furniture pieces and enhancing the overall aesthetic of the home.



The mirrored stainless steel frame also has practical benefits. Its reflective surface helps create an effect of openness and brightness, making it an excellent choice for smaller apartments or darker spaces. When designing the frame, the grado designer stayed true to the geometric lines and forms favored by the Bauhaus furniture. The slightly curved arc at the bottom and the widened steel bar design ensure both comfort and stability during rocking motion. To ensure long-term stability, the bottom of the frame is connected by two horizontal steel bars at the front and rear. The closed polygon formed by the base and armrests not only enhances the chair’s integrity during rocking, but also adds a strong sense of design.





Experience the Owain series by grado design and elevate your home decor with the charm of Bauhaus interior style and modern industrial design. With its minimalist yet comfortable lounge chairs, rocking chairs, and ottoman, the Owain series is designed to adapt to various spaces and scenes effortlessly. Discover the perfect balance of style and functionality with the Owain series and transform your living space into a haven of contemporary sophistication.

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