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Mousse Leather SofaMousse Leather Sofa
Sale priceFrom $2,016.00 USD
Mousse SofaMousse Sofa
Sale priceFrom $1,017.00 USD
9-Layer Sofabed9-Layer Sofabed
Sale priceFrom $2,314.00 USD

3 colors available

Skirt SofabedSkirt Sofabed - grado
Sale priceFrom $2,579.00 USD
9-Layer-Daybed-grado9-Layer Daybed - grado
Sale price$1,829.00 USD
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Indeed! Daybed sofas are flexible furniture pieces that work as both sleeping and sitting solutions. Here, we have some of the best options on the market, prioritizing comfort, durability and quality. Besides, we have several daybed types, and ample variety so you can make the right choice.
Take a look at what we have to offer:

Traditional Daybeds
This type of daybed sofa has a mattress and features three sides. You can use it during the day as a sofa, and a bed later on. But not just any bed or sofa, this is a highly comfortable daybed option.

Chaise Daybeds
Chaise daybeds are perfect for your bedroom. They have a single side on the head side and at times a sectional side on the back. This day bed provides a comfortable spot if you want to relax, briefly.

Sleigh Daybed
As the name suggests, this type of daybed resembles sleigh beds. They have a unique scrolled head and footboards, for an incredibly classy look.

Backless Daybed
These ones have no back, just the two sides. They deliver a simple and open appearance; thus, they are perfect for different room settings.

Pop-Up Daybed
Pop-up daybeds feature a comfortable mattress beneath, which you can pull out and lift at a similar height as the mattress of the daybed. They are ideal for you who want to optimize your sleeping space.

Canopy Daybed
If you want to add a glimpse of elegance to your space, then canopy daybeds are an excellent option. They have a frame with a canopy top and posts that hold the canopy in place. They are usually great for outdoor spaces.

We have the best daybeds for you, so you can choose depending on your needs, taste and style. Whether you require additional seating space, a guest bed, comfortable reading spot, we most definitely have a daybed that’ll fit your needs perfectly!