Mousse Leather Sofa

Sale price$2,016.00 USD

Size: A: 41.7''Wx 41.7''Dx 28.3''H
B: 66.1''Wx 41.7''Dx 28.3''H
C: 41.7''Wx 63''Dx 15''H
D: 41.7''Wx 63''Dx 28.3''H

Style: A


Mousse Leather Sofa

Design Concept

The mousse cake offers a rich texture, and the Mousse Sofa provides a high degree of freedom with its armless design, allowing full use of its width. It features various modules to accommodate lying down horizontally or vertically. With over 10 configuration options, a single set can create a cozy corner, while 2-3 sets can form versatile sofa arrangements. Discover even more unique combinations to suit your style!

Lego of Sofas

Different modules offer different possibilities, catering to various home layouts. With over 10 combinations, you can be in the Lego world.

Plush Seat Cushion

It features scientifically designed padding that ensures that it provides support even though it's very soft. Multiple layers of foam padding keep the sofa plush and resilient over time, maintaining its shape without deformation.

Beautiful Back Design

Such a perfect sofa back is too beautiful to hide against a wall. If you have an open living area, displaying its elegant back is a great choice. Additionally, with a back cushion width of 12.2", it can temporarily hold small items.

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