Hippo Pouf Ottoman: The Ultimate Sustainable Home Décor Choice

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Hippo Pouf Ottoman: The Ultimate Sustainable Home Décor Choice


When you arrive home, you may be surprised by a floor pouf. Just like a chubby hippopotamus emerges from the floor, its body covered in thick and smooth skin. With big, round eyes and a large nose, the hippo has an honest and innocent look that instantly evokes feelings of affection. This unexpected encounter is both sweet and sad, as it serves as a reminder of the misdeeds of humanity that have caused suffering for Earth's inhabitants, including hippos. Sadly, due to droughts and the loss of their natural habitat, hippos are gradually losing their homes. grado, a Chinese furniture design company, aims to use this Hippo Pouf ottoman as a way to convey the importance of environmental protection to people and encourage them to take on their social responsibilities.


A dying hippopotamus lying on the ground

YUUE Design Studio, in collaboration with grado, not only offers innovative interior design solutions but also actively promotes environmental awareness. One of their achievements is the creation of the Hippo Pouf. This unique design is half-exposed, symbolizing the hippos that remain partially submerged in a river during times of drought. By showcasing this metaphor, the Hippo Pouf ottoman helps individuals truly understand and empathize with the impact of drought on other creatures on Earth. Designer Weng Xinyu, driven by his love for the earth, intricately craft this floor pouf, aiming to capture endearing characteristics into a lifelike piece. His intention is to inspire empathy in people, and encourage them to reflect upon their behaviors that may harm the environment and actively participate in ecological protection.

hippo pouf is a product that has put the efforts of many designers into it, hoping to make people around us pay attention to protecting the environment through their own efforts - this is the design sketch of hippo pouf 

Designer Weng Xinyu pursued a unique educational path, initially studying German language and literature as an undergraduate before transitioning to product design as a graduate student at Bauhaus University in Weimar, Germany. This interdisciplinary background has provided him with a valuable combination of skills and perspectives. Drawing from his training in literature, Weng possesses keen powers of observation, perception, and empathy. Simultaneously, his education in product design has nurtured his imagination and professionalism in developing innovative and stylish creations. During Earth Day in 2019, Weng partnered with Mobike, a prominent domestic bicycle-sharing company, to repurpose discarded bicycle parts and transform them into furniture items. This unique undertaking showcased Weng's design concept of championing the sustainable utilization of resources. This experience laid the groundwork for his future designs of Hippo Pouf ottoman.

hippo pouf designer-wengxinyu 

Indeed, it can be observed that Weng Xinyu's design philosophy is deeply rooted in empathy for the environment and the people who inhabit it. His care extends beyond just humans, as he envisions the role of humans as agents of positive change in improving the environment. This underlying belief serves as the driving force behind his designs. Weng combines the perspectives of liberal arts students and engineering students, ensuring that his products are not only well-intentioned but also safe and durable. grado appreciates Weng's design approach and finds it aligned with our own commitment to corporate responsibility. We actively foster deep collaborations with such designers to create furniture with greater meaning and resonance for individuals. The Hippo Pouf ottoman stands as a successful example of this endeavor.

 Very cute hippopotamus shape, makes you want to buy one and take it home

we are dedicated to creativity, empathy, and responsibility, actively taking part in environmental protection efforts, recycling, and emission reduction. We strive to enhance the quality and environmental friendliness of our products, working towards sustainability among people, businesses, society, and nature. As an original furniture design company, grado focuses on ecological protection from both material and ideological perspectives. We prioritize the use of environmentally friendly and sustainable materials, continually enhancing design and manufacturing processes to minimize material and energy waste, and extend the lifespan of their products for energy conservation and emission reduction. grado also aims to imbue our products with advanced concepts. We recognize that design involves more than just craftsmanship and materials. It carries a deeper significance by representing the spiritual core and values that a product embodies. We seek to communicate values, inspire a sense of purpose, and evoke universal emotions through the materiality of our products. When a design successfully fulfills these functions, it transcends its own boundaries, enabling the product to achieve higher value. Design is not merely a composition of elements but draws inspiration from nature itself. Therefore, it should also contribute positively to nature. We firmly believe that nature and human society are interconnected and that humans, being born from nature, have a responsibility to protect it along with all the living and non-living elements that make up the natural world. The Hippo Pouf ottoman exemplifies grado's endeavor to convey the concept of ecological and environmental protection through design.  

 Safe, soft and environmentally friendly fabric, children can play on it with confidence

While the concept of ecological protection is at the forefront of the Hippo Pouf's design, grado also prioritizes its practicality and functionality. The Hippo Pouf is filled with EPS particles, which offer excellent fluidity and allow the pouf to contour to the curves of the human body. Additionally, the integrated foam ensures that the pouf retains its shape even after prolonged use. For the upholstery, grado utilizes 3D elastic cloth, which not only enhances the visual appeal of the pouf but also provides a soft and comfortable surface to sit or lean on. In terms of structural integrity and safety, the Hippo Pouf incorporates Plywood and anti-slip protectors at the bottom. We recognize the importance of catering to different aesthetic preferences, and as such, we offer both fabric pouf and leather pouf. By combining ecological consciousness with practical and functional design elements, the Hippo Pouf offers both a visually appealing and comfortable seating solution that meets the diverse needs and preferences of customers.  

 At the same time, the bottom is also equipped with anti-slip fabric

The Hippo Pouf is designed to have a friendly and inviting appearance. It can serve multiple functions as a pouf for living room or bedroom, such as being used as a cushion, footstool pouf or footrest. In addition, it can be used as a toy in a children's room. The unique shape of the pouf also adds a decorative touch to any space without disrupting the overall harmony of the room. It brings a sense of childlike innocence and whimsy, which can help alleviate anxiety in our fast-paced society. Great care has been taken in selecting suitable materials to ensure the stability and ergonomic comfort of the Hippo Pouf. Its soft colors and round shapes create a relaxing and soothing environment for both the body and mind. Choosing Hippo Pouf goes beyond practical considerations; it offers a fantasy adventure and promotes healing of the body, mind, and soul. Moreover, the choice of Hippo Pouf is an environmentally friendly practice, reflecting our growing emphasis on sustainable choices. As our society continues to develop, people are increasingly focusing on enhancing their quality of life and fulfilling their spiritual needs. The Hippo Pouf not only provides practical value but also gives individuals the opportunity to express their own unique style and convey their personal values. It adds value to people's lives and allows them to connect with themselves and their surroundings in a meaningful way.

A hippo pouf placed in the living room. It has a cute shape and can be placed anywhere. 

The adorable and innocent Hippo Pouf is designed to raise awareness about the impact of drought on Earth's creatures and promote the importance of ecological protection. With its gentle and non-aggressive attitude, it serves as a symbol to remind people of the need to protect our environment.  We desire to design products that are both gentle and powerful, combining beauty and functionality. Also, we strive to bring warmth and comfort to family life while spreading positive ideas and universal values throughout society. grado envisions a future where this design concept continues to be embraced. We hope that more individuals are involved in environmental protection and contribute to the development of sustainable practices worldwide.




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