Tangyuan Lounge Chair

Sale price$1,037.00 USD

Size: 32.2‘’w x35.4''d x26.7''h

color: maya-a2267-2a

Tangyuan Lounge Chair

Tangyuan Lounge Chair - Maya A2267-2A - grado

Product Concept

Add an oriental flavor of sweetness and softness to your corner with Tangyuan Lounge Chair, inspired from a traditional Chinese dessert. The small-sized Tangyuan Lounge can be a perfect match for a centerpiece sofa, creating a balanced visual effect in your living space.
The Tangyuan accent chair is like a soft glutinous glutinous rice ball that has been bitten, with a rounded arc.
Oval and chic shape make it a focal point in the living room/bedroom

Tangyuan Lounge Chair - NA 14 - grado

Ergonomic Proportions for Comfortable Sitting

Designed with the perfect ergonomic proportions for comfortable sitting, including a 105° backrest inclination, scientific design to support the spine, and reduce intervertebral pressure based on body proportions.

Tangyuan Lounge Chair - Maya A2267-2A - grado

A Stronger Sense of Envelopment

The Tangyuan Lounge Chair is designed with two types of high-resilience sponge, providing both softness and firmness. The inner sponge provides extra comfort, while the outer sponge offers better support. This unique design ensures a comfortable and secure seating experience, even on the edge of the chair.

Low Profile Design

The chair features a low profile design without legs, which creates a natural air pressure similar to sitting on flat ground. With a lower seating position, one can relax and feel more at ease.

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