Best Single Sofas for Living Room in 2024

Best Single Sofas for Living Room in 2024 - grado

Are you looking for a small space in your living room that can be used for relaxation and chilling out? In case you have been missing something, then a single sofa maybe the answer. Small studio apartments or one bedroomed flat can benefit from these single sofas as they provide an elegant solution to space problems without affecting their comfort.

But it can become difficult when you have many options to choose from. We will present here four different 2024 models of Grado Design’s single sofas each with unique characteristics.


Little Devil Sofa

Would not it be great if there was a single couch which could embrace you warmly after you had a long day? The Little Devil Sofa is what you need: With over 31 inches (W: 31.1”, D: 38.5”, H: 26.3” with seat height at 12.9”), this relaxation retreat has high backrests and deep cushioning made of HR foam, EPS beads, upholstery that all say ‘sink in’. High arms make this piece even more homely; cuddling up with a book or watching TV is much more possible now or just enjoying a little snooze.

Green, white and brown are the three neutral colors that perfectly blend with the existing ambience hence making the Little Devil Sofa presence in the living room more pronounced. And, it's also pet friendly, coming with a breathable suede surface which is not only comfortable but also easy to clean, thus, a practical choice for homes with furry companions.


The Butter Sofa Soft

Butter Sofa Soft is a sleek and modern design with influence from the clean lines of freshly cut butter. The single seat sofa is built in using high quality materials with a luxurious goose down blend filling and has a durable pet-friendly fabric (made of muslin fabric, non-woven fabric, elastic webbing, zigzag sinuous springs, upholstery batting, metal leg and fabric) that can withstand everyday wear and tear.

The wide armrests (37.4” W x 38.1” D x 30.7’’H; back rests available in either 26.7 inches or 30.7 inches tall) on the Butter Sofa Soft ensure enough room to relax while its supportive base including P2 plywood and pine wood frame guarantees ultimate comfort beyond expectation. As such it can be used to create an inviting atmosphere along with many other design styles in your living room.


9 Layer Sofa Thick 

Do you ever desire spreading yourself out over one couch with just a good book or movie? If this is true for you, then “9-Layer Sofa Thick” would be the answer to your query. The width of the 41.7” with a depth of 41.7” and a height of 29.9”, large seating area allows one to sprawl out, curl up or just relax in whichever position seems most comfortable to them.

High-resilience foam cushions on this thick, nine-layer sofa are designed for ultimate comfort and provide individualized support by molding according to your body shape. Comfort is not the only focus in this couch; it also gives priority to versatility.

The adjustable backrest can be set in different sitting positions while the giant down pillow that comes with it offers more head and neck support. Moreover, its wool texture fabric is soft, airy breathable and very durable which resists fading over time.


The Swell Sofa

Inspired by ancient Chinese gold coins, Swell Sofa brings you an interesting design that will serve as a whimsy addition to your living space. This solo seat has curved backrests and armrests (39.7” wide X 35.4” deep X 30.3” high with seat height of 16.5”, seat depth of 24.4”) which create an embrace-like shape

The Swell Sofa is built to last, don’t let the playful design fool you. The perfect mix of softness and support is achievable through the use of high resilience foam cushions and a spring coil system. You can relax in style without trading comfort for anything because they provide excellent support.

The Swell Sofa comes in different colors that will go well with your present decoration and has an amazing easy care durable fabric cover (pine frame, P2 plywood, zigzag sinuous springs, high resilience foam, upholstery batting, PP needle punched non-woven fabric, non-woven fabric, metal sectional couch connectors, 1cm plastic legs and upholstery). Also: No assembly required; saves time & effort.



As such there are other factors to consider before you make up your mind apart from style and comfort. Their warranty on the sofas’ framework underframe and base is covered for 10 years by Grado Design (check their website for more details about other components’ guarantee). With a hassle-free return policy that lasts 30 days, you can try out the sofa at home to see if it feels right.


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