Truffle Sofa

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size: 90.6"


Truffle Sofa

Design Inspiration

Black truffles have been imbued with much mystery since their discovery. The unique flavor is in a square inch, recording the passage of time and eventually transforming into a supreme delicacy.
With the rising and setting of the sun and the lights of a million families, it condenses into a subtle and elegant taste. The large curved sofa with its own curve adds a lazy temperament to the home.

Vintage Craftsmanship Full Of Sophistication

Filled with high resilience sponge inside, with handmade zipper craft. Let the appearance to achieve the feeling of fluffy, sofa appearance appears more fuller.

The versatile black leather sofa is placed in the C-seat of the living room for an instant sense of high class. 360 degrees of full leather and a full sense of sophistication on the back.The classic sofa shape gives you the sense of belonging and beauty you want.

Comfortable Armrest Design

Using ergonomic design, the arc of the backrest naturally fits the curve of the waist. Provides soft support for the body, effectively releases pressure and does not get tired after sitting for a long time.

A suitable height of sofa armrests can be used as pillows in daily life, so that people can have the comfortable feeling of lying on the clouds, and can relax and be comfortable in every recline.

Freedom And Comfort

The soft and suitable height of the backrest supports the neck and head, relieving the pressure on the body while bringing more comfortable feeling.

26.6 '' wide sitting depth is suitable for many scenarios. Bringing a sense of coziness and satisfaction.

Maximum Security

Fully soft package design, soft genuine cowhide all-around package. Inwardly retracted kickstand to avoid kicker collision. Safe for both adults and small children.

With a height of 15.4'', the visual and sitting sensation is both full and fulfilling, and children can also climb easily, so parents can feel more at ease and more at ease.

Full Of Detail Design

Deep pull button design. A vintage but modern visual with an undulating raised effect yet still soft. Presenting a three-dimensional sitting and reclining feeling.

Full Of Detail Design

It is hand pleated for better detailing.

Utilizes alligator mouth connectors for better installation.

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