Thinker Rabbit

Sale price$42.00 USD

Size: 13.4‘’w x 15.7''d x 4.5''h

Thinker Rabbit

Thinker Rabbit - grado

Design Concept

The Thinker Rabbit is an adorable addition to the Winter Warmth Home Collection. The stylized appearance of the rabbit at rest has been refined, resulting in a static, yet lively rabbit pillow.


Jimmy Wang

With over 7 years of experience in furniture and home design, Jimmy Wang believes that“Furniture and home are elegant micro-buildings in space”. Hidden in the beauty of form is the designer's understanding and love of life.

Thinker Rabbit - grado

Warm Companion

Perfectly sized for cuddling in your arms while watching a movie or reading a book!
A sense of security and coziness are all there.

Thinker Rabbit - grado

Strong Support, can be used as a Lumbar Pillow

Filled with pearl cotton, the shape is full and supportive at the same time.

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