Stardust Series Crystal Diffuser Set with Scented Crystals & Essential Oil

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Smell: Orange Blossom


Stardust Series Crystal Diffuser Set with Scented Crystals & Essential Oil

Design Inspiration

Stardust series crystal aromatherapy is inspired by fallen stars. Citrine, topaz, golden jade, and volcanic rock are selected as diffuser stones and are placed in a warm-textured pottery box.

Stardust adheres to grado's consistent aesthetics of device shape, with a circular sky and earth cover and unfired clay texture to create minimalist proportions, and selects natural crystal stones mixed with volcanic rocks for fragrance diffusion.

Using the sense of smell as a medium, in the ritual sense of aromatherapy, imagine the eternity of the vast universe, chant the embers of creation, and chant the stardust.



Purify Air -- Crystal Stone Diffuser has an outstanding effect in purifying the air and relaxing your mood. It comes with delicate and natural light fragrant, which are refreshing

Fragrance Retention For Longer Time-- The set contains 20 ml of purely natural plant-extracted essential oils, and 190g(S) / 400g(L) aroma crystal stone, which lasts a longer time.

Rare Clay Pottery Pot-- Made of precious and rare clay material. The firing efficiency is only 30%, and it feels warm and friendly!

Safe Material-- Crystal Stone is safe, professional, and natural, providing a refreshing fragrance with the adoption of natural crystal stone and essential oil.

Delicate Gift-- Crystal Aromatherapy surprises and delights your loved ones, family, or friends, which is a delicate gift for any holiday or meaningful day.

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