Skirt Sofa

Sale price$1,425.00 USD

Size: 1-Seater:39.3‘’w x39.3''d x29.9''h
1-Seater:47.2‘’w x39.3''d x29.9''h
2-Seater:70.8‘’w x33.4''d x29.9''h
3-Seater:82.6‘’w x39.3''d x29.9''h

color: MAYA A19862
size: 1-Seater 3.2‘’


Skirt Sofa

Design Inspiration

The Skirt Sofa was inspired from the dress hem brushing a girl's knees. This special design of slim sides is also easily disassembled and easily cleaned. This sofa is particularly suitable for medium or smaller living spaces owing to its slim frame and armrests, as well as the larger seat. The down-filled cushions and backrests offer superior comfort. It can also serve as a daybed. 

Designer Introduction

Mia Yu graduated form Zhejiang A&F University as an Interior and Furniture Design major. Since joining in grado in 2018,she has participated in the development of many products. Mia proposes that design is to build an ideal relationship between human and objects.

Natural Cotton And Linen Blended Fabric

Advantages of cotton and linen: absorb sweat stains, breathable and non-irritating, warm in winter and cool in summer, suitable for close-fitting use

The mixed fabric makes it tight and thick, anti-wrinkle and wear-resistant, the preferred material for healthy furniture, and the processing process is environmentally friendly.

Comes With 3 Large And 3 Small Pillows To Protect Your Back And Cervical Vertebrae

A soft and fluffy pillow that can be used as a cushion, reliable, pillow, or hug. The right height of the backrest can provide effective support to the neck. Three small pillows with different decorative patterns.

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