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Plum Modular Sofa-1S

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Plum Modular Sofa-1S

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Design Inspiration

grado drew inspiration from plums, a delectable fruit known for its sweet and sour flavor, often used in preserves. By incorporating the curvy shape of plums into the sofa design and infusing the brown color reminiscent of candied plums, we crafted the Plum Modular Sofa. This delightful creation perfectly captures the essence of retro Maillard style, inviting you to relish its nostalgic charm.

Meet The Needs Of Various House Types

6 types of modules, combined with house-type requirements.

Can be freely formed into straight-line and L-shaped combinations of different sizes.

Exquisite Stitching

The designer skillfully incorporated the groove on the plum into the stitching design of the Plum Modular Sofa. The precise arrangement of geometric lines adds a fancy and classy touch to the overall look. But it's not just about looks, the stitching serves a practical purpose too. It effectively fuses the upholstery with the foam, creating a seamless and rounded arc that hugs your body naturally. Furthermore, the stitching effectively secures the foam padding within the sofa, preventing it from shifting or deforming over time. Thus, the sofa maintains its original shape and provides consistent support for extended periods of use. As your living room furniture piece, this sofa is built to last and provide both style and comfort for years to come.

Wrinkled Textured Fabric

Uniquely crinkled fabric gives a thick and soft feel. Durable and long-lasting, it can maintain its quality for six years, withstanding over 25,000 sessions. A tight seat bag made from a blend of high-resilience sponge and space cotton create a comfortable yet resilient cushion, eliminating the risk of sinking. Enjoy a comfortable seating experience with double-layered support!

Ergonomic Comfort

The Plum Modular Sofa features charming comfort inspired by the round shape of plums. The semi-circular armrest and backrest provide a natural support for resting your arms. With a low center of gravity design, the sofa offers stability and a sense of coziness. Also, the Plum Modular Sofa is filled with high resilience foam and upholstery batting. The cushion of this low profile sofa is full and firm, covering the entire area to prevent any discomfort or accidental bumps. It's safe for kids to climb on. We care about overall body comfort, not just limited to the armrests and seat. That's why we offer a versatile pouf that can be used as a seat or footrest. It adds flexibility to how you can arrange your seating. Every little detail in our design is paid attention to give you options for maximum relaxation.