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Pan Flute Sofa/ 3-Seater

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Pan Flute Sofa/ 3-Seater

Regular price $2,924.00
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Design Concept

The pipes are transformed into several down-lined cushions, giving the sofa a unique form, enveloping seating, and ergonomic support. The Salami Modular Sofa is an ode to craftsmanship, as every down-lined cushion is filled and shaped by experienced artisans. Salami has a slack shape, suiting bright and spacious spaces well.

Designer-Mia Yu 

Mia Yu graduated from Zhejiang A&F University as an Interior and Furniture Design major. Since joining grado in 2018, she has participated in developing many products. Mia proposes that design is to build an ideal relationship between humans and objects.

Soft Comfort Aesthetics: Embracing Relaxation in Style

Each section of the sofa is generously filled to provide a sense of security. After multiple tests and adjustments, we've achieved a comfortable seat and backrest curvature, ensuring ample support for the legs, hips, lower back, and spine.

Three-Proof Polar Fleece: Large-Grain Comfort and Durability

The surface features irregularly sized, wool-like pellets, providing a unique texture and visually appealing fluffiness. Treated with three-proofing, it's resistant to water, oil, and stains, making it safe for use even in white color.

Natural Lumbar Support Without the Need for Pillows

Utilizing ergonomic design, the backrest naturally conforms to the curvature of the lower back, providing soft yet ample support, ensuring a snug wrap-around sensation for the waist.

Ultra-Soft Seating: Sink into Unparalleled Comfort

Beneath its sleek and stylish exterior lies an incredibly plush seating experience. Premium internal materials ensure our sofa remains comfortably supportive even after extended use.

Both the armrests and seat cushions are enveloped in layers of soft padding, meticulously crafted with a precise blend of high-resilience foam and memory foam for unparalleled comfort.

Forward-Tilted Design with Toe-Kick Protection

The recessed base design effectively minimizes daily dirt buildup, ensuring easy maintenance.

Smoothly Protected

Every edge is softly curved, providing a protective shield against knocks and bumps, ensuring safety for your family.