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Zong Sofa Soft

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Zong Sofa Soft

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Sisi Hong


Mianmian Zong Sofa is a full foam frameless sofa, light and soft.
The original different density sponges have been adjusted and combined by the designer countless times.
The last level of sitting is so rich that it seems that the fragrance is unfolding layer by layer.
On this basis, we have upgraded the down cushion for friends who are pursuing
Instantly improves the softness.
The re-adjusted shape is simple and soft, perfect for home use.

All sponge without edges and corners, not afraid of bumps.

The interior of the Zongzi sofa is designed without a skeleton, with rich layers of high-resilience sponge Every time you lie down, it is a gentle support.

Comfortable Zong Sofa Soft for cozy living room6


Weight ≈ 1 year old baby is so light
The weight of 13.5kg is about equal to the weight of a one-year-old child
Effortless for daily movement, very friendly to women

360° no dead angle beauty-no fear of scrutiny

The materials and design are equally thoughtful and beautiful. The whole rice dumpling is made of the same high-quality material In order to fully present the texture.

Skin-feeling suede three-proof high-performance

The suede surface is skin-friendly breathable, comfortable, and soft to the touch.
Artificial technology researches new fabrics, the cloth surface is wear-resistant and scratch-resistant and has high waterproof, oil-proof, and anti-fouling performance.
Passed the California TB-117 fire protection standard.

The 6:4 golden ratio down ratio is soft!

The fluffy and soft all-in-one cushion is filled with Northeast white goose feather and doll cotton in a ratio of 4:6 The selected velvet is 60% larger than ordinary goose velvet, luxurious enjoyment


Not only can it protect the pouf itself well, but also allows you to lean on it more stable!