Lord Matt Sofa

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Color: A1923-14A

Lord Matt Sofa

Lord Matt Sofa - grado

Design Concept

The Lord Matt Series are inspired by seashells in the depths of the sea,and the whole shape is very interesting,as if the shell has an open mouth.The tough shell supports the soft soft bag inside,giving people a comfortable feeling of being hugged.

Lord Matt Sofa - grado

Ergonomic proportions

With a 105 reclining angle,comfortable to use,and scientifically designed to support the spine.Designed according to body proportions to reduce intervertebral pressure.Makes the seat height and depth more comfortable and appropriate.

Lord Matt Sofa - grado

High-resilience sponge seat cushion

The interior is filled with high-resilience sponge,which provides full shaping and soothing elasticity.It balances excellent resilience and durability,offering a comfortable sitting experience.

Lord Matt Sofa - grado

Semi-enclosed soft armrests

The short and wide armrests on both sides provide a generous seating space that accommodates multiple people.The well-proportioned line design creates a sense of embrace and offers a soft touch.It meets the needs for arm support and leaning

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