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Fido Stepstool

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Fido Stepstool

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Fido Stepstool - grado


Weng Xinyu - YUUE design studio


The multifunctional possibilities of the space

There is no distinction between a front and back, and there's no prescribed way of using it "correctly." The design intent of this step stool is to be a versatile assistant that is easily forgotten once used but sorely missed when absent. Whether it's for reaching high objects, serving as a convenient side table for placing magazines in the living room, acting as a bedside shelf, or simply a spontaneous seat. This multi-functional step stool, with its sculptural design, emerges from meticulous materials and craftsmanship. It unquestionably deserves to be an indispensable all-rounder in your home space.

One Thing With Multiple Uses

The storage rack next to the sofa. leisure footstool

Felt floor mats

Wear-resistant and does not damage the floor

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