Cubic Pet Stairs

Sale price$205.00 USD

Fabric: Maya-a2267-2a 2 options

Size:15.7''Wx 15''Dx 19.7''H

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Cubic Pet Stairs


Overall: 15.7''Wx 15''Dx 19.7''H
Height of one flight of stairs: 5.9"
Depth of one flight of stairs: 8.3"
Product Weight: 8.2 lbs
Package Weight: 9.3 lbs

Not Just a Furniture

At Grado, we believe that every piece of furniture should enhance the bond between you and your beloved pet. Our Cubic Pet Stairs are more than just a tool, they are experts in collecting memories between you and your pet.
Imagine the happy moments you and your pet shared - every jump is a memory of you.
Our Cubic Pet Stairs silently witness and preserve these precious moments, whether it is a quiet hug or energetic play, Cubic Pet Stairs are a warm and comfortable presence in your home, making every moment unforgettable.
Years pass, but the warmth and joy brought by Cubic Pet Stairs will last forever. They are more than stairs, they are also the thread that weaves beautiful memories between you and your pet.

Anyone can Use it

It is both a stair and a seat. It serves as a pathway for pets to go up and down, allowing them to move freely and explore different levels. It can also be a cozy resting place for them, allowing your pets to relax in a comfortable place. Additionally, it can also be a stool for children, adding a different texture and warmth to your home. Moreover, it can also be a footstool for adults.
To ensure a safe and comfortable experience for everyone, we choose materials that are comfortable and safe.

High Safety

Pets are loyal partners in our lives, and we want to give them the best care and love. Crafted with a solid wooden frame and high-quality sponge, the Cubic Pet Stairs provides a stable and non-skid solution for your pet's daily activities. Providing a guarantee for their free exploration, so you can let your pet use it with confidence. Made in the furniture manufacturing method with a solid wood base, offers strong support, and has moderate hardness that prevents it from collapsing easily.

Pet-Friendly Fabrics

The fabrics made with sofa technology are scratch-resistant, stain-resistant, easy to care for and not prone to wrinkles.

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