Crush Sofa

Sale price$6,990.00 USD

color: City-120
size: 72.8''


Crush Sofa

Design Inspiration

The Crush Sofa presents its compact structure, filled with subtle tension, rich pleats, and a naturally soft bag-shaped form, giving this sofa a strong sense of value. The perfect tripod base suspends the upholstery in the air, creating a lighter visual arrangement. Meanwhile, the down-filled backrest and armrests enhance the sitting experience, making it even more comfortable and plush.

The Comfortable and Elegant Design

The sofa's design is sleek and natural, with plump, soft upholstery that complements the comfortable seating, adding an extra touch of coziness to your home.

Crush Sofa - grado

Wrinkled Texture Chenille

Unique pleats make the fabric feel thick and soft
25,000 wear-resistant times equals sitting on it ten times a day, keeping it as good as new for 6 years without pilling
Wear resistance greater than 25,000 times, level 4-5 anti-pilling
Level 4-5 color fastness

Natural Goose Down Filling

Backpack and padded bag with ultra-soft down
The sofa is filled with large white goose down from Northeast China known as "golden down"
Brings super softness, enjoys gentle seating, and quickly relieves pressure

Crush Sofa - grado

Sitting Deep

Featuring a sitting depth of 24.4'', the crush sofa provides optimal comfort for sitting cross-legged or even taking a short nap. This multipurpose furniture item is crafted to meet your seating requirements.

Crush Sofa - grado


Multi-stage support is designed to fit the body's hips, legs, waist, back, and shoulders, providing optimal support and relaxation. This feature ensures a comfortable experience and allows for full body relaxation while using the product.

Crush Sofa - grado

6.2'' High Leg Design

Metal electroplated polished tripod, light and elegant
Suitable for most sweeping robots to shuttle back and forth

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