Crab Crab Pillow

Sale price$132.00 USD

Size: S:32.2''Wx 19.2'’Dx 13.7''H
L:37.7''Wx 20.4‘’Dx 16.5''H

size: S


Crab Crab Pillow

Design Concept

CrabCrab pillow is an extension of the Hug series
We hope he will accompany you wherever you are at home. Decorating your bedside is more comfortable than your sofa


Yonah yu 

A sense of security and warmth.

Give your loving hugs

Crab Crab Pillow - grado

Warm and comfortable surroundings -fat body fluffy touch

This is the upgraded parent-child version of the multifunctional Dabai Cuddle -Pillow
Make your family time softer and sweeter

Crab Crab Pillow - grado

Ergonomic considerations

Fits the natural curves of the human body. Provide an unparalleled sense of comfort to you.

Use in many ways

Various usage postures

It can be used as a lumbar support, side lying, pillow, or lying pillow.

Good things are hidden in the details

The pillow is filled with cotton and will not collapse easily. Independent inner bag for easy removal and washing

Brilliant Everywhere

It looks good wherever you place it.

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